Top Tips to Enjoy More Sustainable Travel


With the world starting to become much more environmentally conscious in recent years, many people have started to feel guilty about the way that they travel and the impact that they could be having on the environment. If you love the world enough to travel around it and want to balance being able to enjoy it and preserving its beauty for years to come, then here is a short guide to some of the ways in which you can enjoy sustainable travel.

1. Avoid Flying

One of the biggest pollutants, when you take a trip abroad, is the plane, with a large passenger jet using up around five gallons of fuel per mile. Then, you should avoid flying to your destination as much as possible. Although this is often the quickest and most convenient option for you and your family, many other options are available to you in the 21st century. For instance, you should skip the airport queues and luggage nightmares that international flights burden you with, and instead consider traveling by boat or by train. You could also consider going on a road trip, especially if you are thinking of cutting back on long-haul destinations. These options might take longer, but they can give you the chance to soak in the joy of the journey itself and prepare for the amazing sights ahead.

2. Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodation

If you want to enjoy more sustainable travel, one of the best steps that you can take is to choose eco-friendly accommodation that is offered by a company that truly cares about the impact that they are having on the environment. For instance, although you might think that ski vacations always damage the environment, Snomads provide ski chalets in Bansko that have a green twist. Snomads is carbon neutral and supports international projects that help to keep the earth looking as green and plentiful as it has always looked. Not only this, but they aim to protect the World Heritage Site around their resort, as well as the surrounding wildlife. This ensures that they can both allow you to enjoy an exhilarating winter sports vacation and give back to the environment around them.

3. Avoid Vulnerable Destinations

Some destinations are more vulnerable than others when it comes to the environment. Not only has over-tourism damaged certain areas and left them diminished, but tourism can also reduce the delicate eco-systems and biodiversity of some areas. So, it is important that you conduct research before your trip to check that you are not going to be imposing on an area of the world that needs time to regenerate or which could be endangered by your footsteps.


4. Choose Activities Wisely

Although you might want to go on an exciting vacation filled with exhilarating sports and thrilling activities, you need to make sure that these activities will not negatively impact the environment. For instance, if you choose to go on a boat tour, you should make sure that the type of boat you are traveling in does not disturb the wildlife you are desperately trying to see. This will ensure that both you and the local animal residents can remain happy. You should also make sure that you keep noise levels low when you are sightseeing.

5. Leave Your Destination As You Found it

One of the major problems with tourism in terms of the environment is the state that some areas of natural beauty can be left in. For instance, some people may drop litter. To combat this, you should ensure that you leave your destination exactly as you found it. You should take all of your trash home with you so that it cannot harm wildlife or spoil the views, and make sure that you do not take certain natural features away, such as shells or rocks from vulnerable beaches.

6. Stay at One Destination

Many people decide to tour different destinations when they finally get abroad to make the most of their vacation and see the country in question as much as possible. However, this constant traveling can damage the environment and increase your carbon footprint. Then, you should try to stay in one destination and enjoy the local sights in this area before you go on a road trip to many others. This can also be a more enjoyable option, allowing you to stop rushing and simply to fully enjoy the features and attractions of your main destination.