Top Tips for a Budget Vacation


It’s always nice to get away at least once a year, and after the ordeal of 2020 and being stuck at home for months on end, the need for a change of scene has never been stronger. However, not everybody can afford to jump on a jet and stay at luxury villas, so how can you still have a great vacation when you’re working with a tight budget? It’s a lot easier than you might think, and here are a few tips to help you plan for your cheap but fantastic getaway this year.

Make the Most of Special Deals

There are tons of great deals out there when it comes to flights and accommodation. You can choose to go on a packaged holiday, which includes your flights, accommodation, and usually covers the cost of food and drink at the resort as well. All-inclusive vacations like this can be very beneficial to those who are on a budget, but if you’re not keen on these types of holidays, you can still find cheap flights and vacation rentals on dedicated booking sites that offer a variety of deals to suit any budget.

Choose Self-Catering Options


Eating out is part of the fun when you’re on vacation, but if you’re working with a tighter budget, you can’t afford to do this every day. When choosing your accommodation, make sure that it has self-catering facilities so that for a few evenings while you’re away, you can prepare your dinner in your apartment or villa. It will be much more cost-effective getting groceries from a local store than it will be paying restaurant prices all the time, and you’ll still get a decent meal each day.

Research the Local Area

When you have settled on where you’d like to go, take the time to do some research into the local area. This will help you figure out where the locals like to hang out, which are usually cheaper haunts than ones that are geared towards the tourists. You’ll also find out what activities you can do that won’t cost you a fortune, such as visiting free galleries and museums, hiking trails, walking tours, etc. This will be useful to identify which areas you should avoid as well as to stay safe during your vacation.

Pack Light

If you’re going to travel to your destination by plane, be aware of the weight restrictions on your luggage. Depending on the airline and length of your flight, you might have to pay extra if you want to have hold luggage as well as carry on. To keep the expense down, pack light so you can just take your carry-on bag with you. This might be easier for those planning to get away for just a few days rather than a week or more. If you are going to take hold luggage with you as well, make sure you don’t go over the weight restrictions as you will be charged for this.

If you want to get away this year but can’t afford to spend a small fortune on your vacation, use these tips to help you stick to your budget and still have an incredible time away.