Top 5 Mistakes with Dental Implant Maintenance and How to Avoid Them


When placed properly, dental implants are very much like your ordinary teeth. Implant maintenance is, therefore, a crucial part of enjoying a functioning mouth. Indeed, failing to take care of your dental implant could lead to its failure and need to be replaced.

A failed implant is an expensive affair. Failure tends to incur both an additional cost and a loss of time. In addition, the loss of one tooth could lead to the loss of other teeth within the same group.

There are several factors to keep in mind when it comes to implant maintenance. Here are some of the most common mistakes with dental implant maintenance you should avoid.

1. Chewing or Biting Hard Objects

Eating with implants can cause the implant to shift in its position and create grooving on the implant surface. This can lead to a shift in the bite and be painful. It can also cause the implant abutment to become loose, leading to the possibility of infection.


To avoid this, avoid hard objects and work to develop good oral hygiene habits. Regular brushing and flossing should occur as normal habits. Rinsing with mouthwash and getting regular dental checkups are very important.

2. Lack of Oral Hygiene

Without proper oral hygiene, bacteria, and plaque can build up, leading to gingivitis, cavities, and even eventual implant failure. In order to avoid these mistakes, individuals should be sure to brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day, especially around the implant area.

Additionally, regular visits for dental implants by Dr. Crumpton and a balanced diet help to ensure that implants remain healthy and strong. By avoiding these mistakes, you can keep your implants involved in your smile for years to come.

3. Forgetting To Take Medication

Taking certain medications, such as antibiotics, is essential to ensuring the health and longevity of your dental implants. It’s important to take these medications as prescribed for the time period recommended by your dentist.

To avoid these mistakes, be sure to ask your dentist for detailed instructions on what drugs to take and ask your pharmacist to inform you of any side effects.

4. Using the Wrong Toothbrush

Using the wrong toothbrush is one of the most common mistakes that can be made in implant maintenance. Soft bristles with rounded ends are best for brushing around the implant and its abutment because they are less likely to cause damage to the implant bed or abutment.

In order to avoid making this mistake, make sure to ask your dental implant specialist for the proper type of toothbrush. Have your dentist demonstrate the proper brushing technique and check the implant at regular intervals to look for signs of damage or wear.

5. Using Tobacco Products

Tobacco products contain various chemicals that can be damaging to the gums and bones around implants, causing bone loss, inflammation, and gum disease.

To avoid damaging your implants, it is best to avoid tobacco use altogether. If you are already using tobacco, try to reduce or quit to minimize the effects of the chemicals. This will help detect any potential problems with your implants in the early stages and prevent any lasting damage.

Learn More About Mistakes With Dental Implant Maintenance

It is important to learn more about mistakes with dental implant maintenance in order to avoid costly mistakes. It is essential to research the best implant practices, maintenance options, and hygiene instructions in order to keep your mouth healthy.

Following these tips will help to ensure a longer lifespan for your dental implants.