Top 10 Paid & Free Employee Monitoring Software to Improve Productivity


Employee Monitoring Software utilizes activity tracker components and applied analysis of behavior to distinguish the count of productive hours one is spending busy working. An ideal employee monitoring software permits the admin to cross-check both active and inactive time spent by employees during the total work hours and additionally gives the screen capture feature that helps track each chance of malignant action or danger to the confidential data. 

Employee Monitoring Software has become a basic part of current organizations to improve worker commitment and advance productive work processes. In particular, the software helps in preventing any occurrence of information breaches. 

List of Employee Monitoring Software 

Employee Productivity Tracking Software utilizes numerous filter options to track employee activities and decide the expected dangers. Probably the best paid and free employee monitoring software are listed below: 


Desklog is an automated employee monitoring software that tracks the real-time productivity of your team. It enhances the productivity of both remote and local employees. The unique features of this powerful software include screen monitoring with automated screenshots, secure time tracking, etc. It monitors the productive, non-productive app usage of the employees and monitors the productive time spent on each task allocated. 

Key features of Desklog includes,

  • Automated Time Tracking
  • Automated screenshots
  • App & URL tracking
  • Audit daily routine
  • Document title tracking
  • Attendance management

Price: Desklog Lite is available for free with the basic features. You can avail of the advanced features with Desklog Pro which comes with $3.5 per user per month. It also provides 40 days free trial.


KICKidler is an online employee monitoring tool used for time tracking and productivity tracking. It is used for rectifying lacks that bring about low-efficiency levels among individuals or employees. The unique feature of this employee tracking is its computer surveillance that produces programmed cautions for particular sorts of worker infringement. 

Key features of KICKidler: 

  • Different access levels 
  • Employee Activities Online Broadcast
  • Work hours timekeeping 
  • Timesheet Reports etc.,

Price: A three-year plan of KICKidler with customary updates and specialized help is accessible for $3.06 on a monthly basis. 


Hubstaff is a perfect decision for those of you who are dealing with a remote workforce. Keeping your staff connected with and on-task when they aren’t in the workplace can be a test, yet this product helps consider them responsible. 

Key features of Hubstaff: 

  • Time tracking 
  • Geofencing 
  • Online timesheets 
  • GPS tracking
  • Efficiency tracking
  • Detail reports 

Price: Hubstaff is available for $7 per user per month and the premium option is there with more features. You can visit the Hubstaff website for details.


ActivTrak is a cloud-local employee monitoring device that spends significant time in estimating worker productivity. 

The product monitors all workplace activities from every employee. You’ll get reports that will assist you with distinguishing your most focused staff, moderate and slow performers.. ActivTrak will show you every worker’s degree of commitment. The product will alarm you if an employee is in danger of becoming unproductive. 

ActivTrak is a fantastic method to improve any work processes. 

You can see the complete real-time tasks the employees go through. It permits you to set benchmark times for specific tasks too. 

A portion of the top highlights and advantages of ActivTrak include: 

  • Website blocking 
  • Real-time tracking
  • Video playback 
  • Screen capture flagging
  • Risk Scoring
  • USB following 
  • Action alerts 
  • Screen playback options
  • Remote installations

Price: ActivTrak has freemium and Advanced versions. Advanced will cost you $7.20 per user per month when paid annually


AeroAdmin is an open-source employee monitoring software that offers full remote system record framework control. This stage works through an encoded channel that either duplicates documents from a distant PC or sends them to another PC framework. You can likewise store contacts here and bunch them for instant remote access. 

Key highlights of AeroAdmin: 

  • Customization and Branding
  • Autoscaling 
  • Clipboard synchronization 
  • Multilingual interface 

Price: AeroAdmin is a free employee monitoring software. In any case, with its Pro, Business, and Corporate variants, you can appreciate extra highlights like contact book, file transfer, and the control on boundless remote PCs.


Berqun is one of the best employee monitoring software in current occasions utilized significantly for tracking employee activities. It gives performance metrics to your whole workforce besides scoring the quantity of minutes/hours spent by them at work. Through this element, clients can distinguish employees who are slow workers and find a way to improve their productivity. 

Key highlights of Berqun: 

  • System usage metrics
  • Energy Saver
  • Sales Report
  • Deployment
  • Department view

Price: Berqun is a free employee monitoring software. Insights about Berqun freemium plans can be gotten at the product’s authentic site. 

Panzer IT 

Panzer IT is an individual control framework that screens employee activities. It does this by recognizing whether employee activities are perfect with an association’s company policies. Also, the behavior analysis conducted in the framework improves the cybersecurity foundation by recognizing deceitful money-related activities and inside threats. 

Key features of Panzer IT: 

  • Automated backup of data
  • Recovery Management
  • Prevention of data leakage
  • System Monitoring
  • Zero-day dangers 

Price: Pricing information of Panzer IT employee tracking software is accessible on the official site. 


NetOrbit employee time tracking software utilizes administrator tools and filtering for logged and light tracking. With this software, users can control and track the activities of their PC network. This employee productivity tracking tool is additionally valuable in securing an organization’s confidential data/information from getting spilled or hacked. You can encourage whitelist and blacklist website pages according to your benefit. 

Key highlights of NetOrbit: 

  • Export logs 
  • Online control board 
  • Screen capture history 
  • Live commands
  • Live screen view

Price: The open-source employee tracking software is accessible with no expense for up to three gadgets. Here you can profit advantages, for example, 24*7 client assistance, different filters, and centered checking of all PC activities. 


Tamarind is a top employee tracking solution for enormous associations and endeavors. Over 2,000 organizations trust Tamarind for employee monitoring, insider threat detection, and prevention of data breaches. 

Common businesses that can profit from this product incorporate technology, retail, healthcare services, manufacturing, legal, finance, and government. 

Teramind’s best highlights and capacities: 

  • Behavior analysis
  • Employee work tracking
  • Prevention of insider threats
  • Prevention of data misuse
  • Activity monitoring
  • Audit and compliance

Price: Teramind has cloud and on-premise versions that comes up with different plans. Visit Tramind official website for more details

Work Examiner 

Work Examiner has employee tracking solutions for both local employees as well as remote employees. 

With Work Examiner, you’ll profit by the accompanying top highlights: 

  • Website tracking
  • Real-time Screen capture
  • Recorded screen capture
  • Computer tracking
  • Web filtering
  • Keylogging
  • Instant message monitoring
  • Email Monitoring
  • Data leak prevention

Price: Work Examiner offers three licenses namely controlio, standard, and professional. You can enter the no.of clients in the form provides in their pricing page and it will show you the total cost as per the license and no.of users.


 Hence, that is it – the comprehensive list of employee monitoring software. Ideally, this will provide you some guidance when you begin searching for the ideal solution for your organization. The last recommendation is to consider your business needs and choose the right employee monitoring software for your business. You’ll see employee monitoring software insights change your business in the blink of an eye.