Top 10 Best CRM tools in 2021

CRM tools

CRM stands for Customer Relation Management and is used to develop, manage and maintain a relationship with the customers. It helps in tracking all interactions and communications with the customers or clients which basically simplifies the scaling of customer interaction.

Best CRM Software –

  • Salesforce –

What is Salesforce – It is a popular choice among organizations because of its expansive functionality and capabilities. It not only can serve as a CRM but is a platform for digital marketing, integration with third-party apps, and analytics applications. One of the reasons why professionals are opting for Salesforce certification.

  • Hubspot CRM –

It allows companies to track, coordinate, and close sales seamlessly and aids their team in working smartly. With its clean visual dashboard, you get detailed reports on various activities, productivity, and performance.

  • Zoho CRM –

This cloud-based Customer Relationship Management system caters to various businesses irrespective of their size. It provides an exceptional features mix, advanced security, a mobile app to keep track anytime, anywhere, 24-hour support, and integration with different products, all at a competitive price.

  • Salesmate –

This all-in-one solution offers a productive experience for the sales team and customers. Its user friendly and customizable dashboard lets the team manage, nurture, and close deals. Along with manage and track deals, it provides – Sales automation, reporting, email tracking, pipeline management, shared communication.

  • Oracle NetSuite –

This cloud-based CRM solution provides organizations to operate more efficiently by automating core processes. It offers a 360-degree view of your customer in real time.

  • Zendesk Sell –

This automation software helps companies enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams. If your company has a lot of data to be processed, then Zendesk Sell CRM is perfect for your business.

  • Freshworks CRM –

This AI-based complete Sales CRM has features that aid the sales to get a complete 360-degree real time view. Some of its features are sales pipelines, lead scoring, activity tracking, sales report, etc. Due to its drag and drop, and customizable interface, it saves a lot of time for the users.

  • Pipedrive –

This small business focused solution that offers great sales pipeline visualization and management. It helps in tracking the communication and managing the deals. It also offers integrations and an open API for third party applications plug in.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 –

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers combined CRM and ERP capabilities.

  • Insightly –

This customer relationship management (CRM) offers one source of truth for critical sales and business data. You can organize, manage and secure – leads, contacts, emails, events, quotes, projects, tasks, opportunities, and reports.

Conclusion –

Selecting your CRM is not to be taken lightly, an unwisely or poorly executed CRM can wreck havoc in the organization. These are the top 10 Customer Relation Management (CRM) that can be chosen as per your business requirements. As per the industry’s scale, you can opt for maintaining the workflows of core processes. It also helps to maintain a healthy and strong relationship with the customers.