Tips for Throwing a Great Fancy Dress Party


It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you to find an excuse to throw a fancy-dress party! These events are always good fun at any time of year, allowing people the excuse to dress up as their favorite characters both from the real world and in fiction. It can also be an opportunity to have a fun challenge if there is a specific theme that people have to match, getting creative in their outfit choices. If you are someone who loves fancy dress and you have a special occasion coming up that you want to celebrate, here are some top tips to help you throw the perfect fancy dress bash that people will love!

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Pick a Theme

Themes, as mentioned above, can be useful as they can help to give people more guidance on what kind of outfits they need to look for. It’s also beneficial for you, the party planner, as you can fit other elements of your event around this theme, such as décor, drinks, and catering. For example, if you want a Great Gatsby theme, flapper dresses, jazz music, and vintage cocktails, and champagne are the way to go. On the other hand, 80s Night is all about the big hair, shoulder pads, and neon-colored drinks! Whatever theme you pick, you might find it make the rest of your planning much easier to navigate.

Prizes for the Best Costumes

To help people get even more excited to don their fancy-dress costume, you should announce that there will be prizes to be won for the best-dressed guests. The reward could be a bottle of wine, chocolates, or you could choose a novelty gift for a humorous edge to the event if you prefer. It’s a good way to inject some friendly competition into the evening, and you could even reward the one person who has made the minimal effort for a laugh, too (there’s always one, after all!)


Go All Out on Your Costume

You’re the host of this fancy-dress party, so you need to lead by example. Of course, your budget will determine how much you can spend on your outfit, but you should go all out to make yourself stand out, even if that means getting creative with a needle and thread! If you’re short on time, there’s no shame in buying ready-made costumes. As a host, sometimes you will be busy with all the planning and organizing, so you’ve got to be efficient in securing an attention-grabbing outfit. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of stylish costumes for women and men that you can buy online. Just find the perfect one and add some accessories and changes to personalize your costume. You might also want to look at purchasing some special fx makeup if your costume calls for it, and this can be used again for Halloween or your next fancy-dress party.

Give Your Guests Plenty of Notice

Last-minute parties can be fun, but if you require your guests to dress up in costumes, you will need to give them plenty of time to plan for this. Not only do they need to come up with ideas for what to wear, but they will need to order costumes or go shopping for items to piece that costume together. Send invitations at least a month before your party to give your guests enough time to RSVP and prepare.

Fancy-dress parties can be a lot of fun no matter what time of year and at any age. If you have been thinking about having a get-together like this sometime soon, use these tips to help you plan the perfect fancy-dress event.