Tips For Serious Amazon Sellers


Amazon is the biggest eCommerce website in the world. It has become an important platform for third-party sellers. Now a rather crowded marketplace environment, Amazon can be a tough nut to crack for many sellers looking to make it a successful venture. Here are some tips for Amazon sellers that want to make serious profits on the site.

Invest In Marketing

Marketing is essential if you want to succeed as an Amazon seller. Although you can pay for marketing on a campaign-by-campaign basis, Pay Per Click marketing is much better value. Companies like Nuanced Media specialize in marketing plans that can be paid for according to their success. Reaching out to experts ensures that any time, effort, and money put into marketing has the best chance to yield results.

Don’t Try And Price Gouge


It can be tempting to price gouge on a marketplace as crowded as Amazon. This is a mistake. You need to make sure to create a brand identity that solidifies the actual quality of your products in the eyes of consumers. Price gouging undermines this and also eats away at your profits. The only companies that can actually afford to price gouge are those with huge stocks and those offering poor-quality products.

Improve Product Images

So many Amazon sellers give only cursory attention to the images that they post alongside their products. This is a massive mistake. Images are often the first thing a consumer uses to assess whether a product is something that they are interested in. Professional quality photographs are important. One kind of photograph that is extremely effective at drawing in customers is the contextual image. Showing a product being actually used will give customers an accurate idea of a product’s size and what it is used for. Make sure to include contextual images.

Incubate A Brand Identity

You might think that brand identity is not particularly important on a platform like Amazon – where a great deal of aesthetics is determined by the hosting site. This is not the case. Brand identity is immensely important on Amazon. Make sure that your products, descriptions, and images are uniform enough to fit into your larger brand identity strategy. Images are especially important in the pursual of an Amazon marketplace brand identity. If you want to get return custom, you need to have an identifiable brand.

Utilize Back End Search Terms

As an Amazon seller, you need to be very aware of your SEO performance. SEO – standing for Search Engine Optimization. Amazon’s search engine uses an algorithm to rank which seller pages and products appear to consumers. Making sure that your products rank high when relevant searches are made is very important. You need to make good use of all your written content on your page in order to rank well. Keywords are terms that you think consumers will search for when looking for a product. Including the correct keywords in a product description will ensure that your products are displayed prominently when a customer searches using said keywords. Good market research is essential when trying to unearth keywords. Using Google Analytics to identify keywords is a common tactic.