Three Interesting Career Choices for People Who Want to Escape the 9–5


For many people of working age, little satisfaction is gained from working in a conventional office-based career. Whilst it can undoubtedly provide a meaningful source of income, such work doesn’t always inspire or motivate certain individuals.

Some people find that they’re subjected to micromanagement by line managers and feel constricted in how they can approach a task or project. In addition, many forms of office work require repetitive tasks to be completed with little in the way of variety.

Thankfully, in 2023, there are far more career options available to adults of working age. The rise in technology and the internet has meant that remote working jobs are now a reality, which allows you to make any space with internet access into a workplace. In this article, three interesting career choices will be explored and each of them won’t necessarily require the person to be tied to a 9–5 office-based working routine.

1. Life coach

If you like the idea of helping people achieve their career and personal goals and have high levels of empathy and emotional intelligence, the role of life coach could be the ideal career choice for you. Life coaches are skilled in active listening and will help their clients find their own solutions to reach specific goals or overcome certain obstacles.


Websites such as are the perfect starting point for people who want to train as a life coach. At such sites,you’ll be able to learn key knowledge in areas such as human psychology while developing the communication and listening skills that are vital for this role.

Many life coaches practice from the comfort of their own home office and can schedule appointments that allow them to achieve a healthy work-life balance. In short, this type of work can be both financially and emotionally rewarding if you create your own successful life coaching business.

2. Paramedic

If you’re searching for an exciting career where no two days are the same and like the idea of helping people in their timeof need, the role of paramedic could be ideal for you.

Paramedics typically complete comprehensive pre-hospital emergency care training before starting out as an entry-level paramedic or emergency medical technician. They will be tasked with responding to a wide range of medical emergencies and life-threatening situations (such as treating patients with traumatic injuries after a car accident) where time is critical.

This role is well suited to people who can keep calm under pressure and give timely medical interventions based on the latest clinical evidence.

3. Digital nomad

Few career paths could be as far away from 9–5 office life as that of a digital nomad. Put simply, digital nomads combine a love of traveling (often to exotic or faraway destinations) while also generating income to fund this.In terms of equipment, all that’s often needed is a laptop, smartphone, and access to a reliable internet connection (e.g., in hotels or public areas).

Many digital nomads specialize in the tech sector, where they work remotely as software designers, developers, or web designers, although any work that can be completed 100% remotely can theoretically support the lifestyle and travel plans of this type of worker.

If you enjoy travel and have a degree of tech expertise, working as a digital nomad may be the ideal choice for you.