Things That Cannot Be Recycled In The Curbside Recycle Bin


These days, because of environmental hazards, people are now forced to use recyclable things while they are avoiding non-recyclable material. This is because they are damaging to the environment.

Due to this reason, many researches are going on and researchers conduct various tests then prohibit the use of things that are not environment friendly. If you have those items in your home, instead of recycling them, hire the best junk removal Vallejo CA services to get rid of them:

A few of them that cannot be recycled in curbside recycle bin are given below



Styrofoam boxes are quite common these days. Almost all fresh food we get is in Styrofoam boxes. Unfortunately, the product is harmful and non-recyclable. It is made of non-biodegradable polystyrene. It is good to replace this material with ec0 friendly boxes like cardboard packaging. These are recyclable and eco-friendly. Thus, these are better options to use for the packaging of fresh food items.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap cannot be recycled in the curbside recycle bin. This is because it gets tangled in the machine. Thus, it is not considered for recycling in the curbside recycle bin. Although the bubble wrap plastic is recyclable and can be recycled in other types of machines or methods but unfortunately this is not for curbside recycle bins.


The power cord materials are recyclable. But it is difficult to separate all the parts. The cords and inside wires also get tangled in the curbside machine. Therefore, one can use the community’s waste facility or recycling area where household items are recycled but the cords are not for the curbside bins.

Aerosol cans

Aerosol cans are also hard to recycle because of the presence of pressurized air inside them. It is dangerous to recycle the cans either these contain whipped cream or spray paints. Due to the pressurized air inside the can there may be a burst. Some organizations are working according to the local program to recycle these cans. They ensure that the can is fully empty and then recycled with metal cans or separate materials other than hazardous waste.

Grocery bags

Plastic shopping bags are also non-degradable. Many stores have recycling bins outside the store for the placement of plastic bags. It is because these grocery bags can’t be recycled in the curbside bin. Plastic bags are now prohibited in many states. It is because these are quite harmful to the environment. They do not decompose when buried in soil and they are a source of marine debris. Therefore, environmentalists are preferring paper bags and cardboard bags for the delivery of goods.


Batteries are also non-recyclable. All varieties of batteries like rechargeable, single-use and car batteries all cannot be recycled in the curbside bin. There are mail-in programs or recycling plans through which these batteries can be recycled.


Mirrors are also not recyclable because of their coatings. These are hard to degrade because of the coating present on the mirror surface. If you have one piece of mirror you can donate it as the broken type can be used for crafting projects. Otherwise, you can throw in the garbage after wrapping it in paper so that the person picking garbage may not get an injury on their hands.

Clothes hangers

Cloth hangers are also non-degradable. Wire hangers are not made with pure metal rather they contain impure material. Moreover, plastic handles are made with non-degradable plastic. They are not acceptable in the curbside recycling unit. Therefore, you can donate to a local thrift store so needy people can pay a few pennies to fulfil their needs.

Medical needles

Needles are hazardous substances therefore they are mailed back after collection to use in national programs. These are not recycled.

Paper towels

Paper towels are made of degradable material yet they can’t be recycled. It is because these contain food or greasy residues that may contaminate other recyclables. They are already made with recycled fiber so they are too short and may not be recycled.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more things that cannot be recycled like pizza and food boxes. It is because they also contain residues or oil content. You can just throw them away so the garbage companies can bury them in the soil so these can be decomposed. The solution for these items, as stated above, is hiring junk removal services. Having said that, it’s important to know that not every junk removal company removes every type of junk. Therefore, do your research and only rely on specialists. For the best services, you can rely on 3 Kings Hauling & More. It is one of the most reputable junk removal companies in Vallejo.