Top 8 Things People Like The Most That You Need to Try



We all want to be liked and accepted in society by everyone. If you want people to like you then you need to be nice, considerate, and a decent human being. Not only this, but there are also other things that most people like and can have a huge impact on how they look at you. 

Here in this section, we have mentioned a few things people like and you can use every day. Some of them might even be silly but will help you become a little popular. 

Top Eight Things Most People Like

Here in this section, we have mentioned eight things people like about someone. It will help you to 

1. Use a person’s name 


The truth is we all love being called by our names. So it becomes really important to learn names and use them. While you are having an individual conversation, make sure you address the person by their name. 

2. Keep smiling always 

Although we interact with everyone in the digital space and technology has taken over human interactions. Since we keep all the interactions online, we make many conscious and subconscious choices depending on how they engage and respond to us. 

Another thing that people like is when someone smiles with authenticity and happiness. It is said that the positivity or negativity in your mood spreads between individuals. 

3. Listen (Not Just With Your Ears)- One of the Things People Like

Another thing people like is when you listen to them. This also includes not looking at your phone when you are with people, however, this is not it. You can show you are listening to somebody even through non-verbal communication (situating your body to confront somebody and reflecting their position), eye to eye connection (giving a lot of it), and verbal confirmation(we’ll speak more about this next). 

4. Things People Like is When You Utilize Verbal Confirmation 

Active listening shows your listening abilities by repeating segments of what an individual is saying. Here is an example of the conversation- 

Ron- I went to this amazing beer tasting exhibit this weekend and I had a chance to try a lot of local beers from everywhere in the state. 

You- You got to try a lot of beer, huh? 

Ron- Yes and it was fun. My most loved one was the Pretty Things, Magnifico. 

You- So Magnifico was your top pick? 

Ron- Yeah, it tasted extraordinary. 

Although the structure of the conversation is very weird, this sort of exchange can really go far to make individuals like you more. It causes the other individual to feel like you truly are focusing. Besides, individuals love to hear their own words repeated back at them as it taps their ego a bit. 

5. Recall the conversation- Prove You’re Paying Attention. 

One of the things most people like is when you show individuals that you’re listening to them. Not concentrating during a speech doesn’t bring about quick companions. 

To truly show somebody you’ve been focusing, try bringing a subject that the individual spoke about before. Did your friend mention her plans to paint her kitchen at the end of the week? Ask how if she loves the newly painted walls on Monday. These conversations need to be very important, large, or groundbreaking questions. Indeed, in some cases, it says more than you can review and show interest in even the little happenings in someone else’s life. 

6. Sincerely Compliment and Praise

Things most people like are legitimate appreciation. This is totally different from empty flattery, which most of us can identify easily. Nobody loves a brown-nose, and a great many people don’t especially adore being pandered to. What individuals truly need is genuine appreciation — to be perceived for their efforts. 

As well as giving individuals genuine appreciation, it’s important to be liberal with your compliments. Individuals love being praised, and why not? It feels extraordinary to be told you’ve done your task well. At the point when an individual accomplishes something right, say as much. It will not be neglected.

7. Be a Real Person, Not a Robot. 

One of the things people like is authenticity. While exemplary business tenet pushes the significance of an alpha male position (shoulder back, jawline up, solid handshake), it’s not difficult to go over the edge and put on a show of being fake. 

However, try to be confident and respect others. Some participation specialists recommend stepping toward an individual and bending forward when you’re introduced, in a way to bow. These gestures can go far toward making individuals respect you and definitely is one of the things most people like.

8. Become an Expert in Storytelling 

Things people like is a decent story, and incredible stories require complex storytellers. Storytelling is a fine art that requires comprehension of language and pacing. Master the art of narrating and people will like you the most.


Deep down we all want to be liked by everyone so we do things most people like. Here we mentioned eight things that people like. You can try these and trust me, people will start liking you so much. 

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