The tools for effective online reputation management


Online platforms are crucial and play an important part in the growth of the business. The business once came on these platforms being there forever. This makes it important to maintain a strong online reputation of the business to eliminate any harmful effects due to negative statements.

There are different tools one can use for the online, reputation management and minimize the damages on the business because of negative reviews and references.

Online reputation management refers to the process of promoting the business, taking feedback from the client, and responding to the reviews meanwhile, eliminating the negative reviews on the online platforms. If you want to Manage info on white pages of remove your info on white pages, online reputation management company can help with that too.

Tools for managing online reputation



It is a tool designed for audio reference, able to scan the websites and social media where the brand exist, analyze it and its social impacts. There is a huge amount of data available on the internet that makes it difficult to be on the top of the site.

One finds the required data by setting the Boolean searches. YouScan identify the data according to the search criteria, open the page where the search result mentions the platform collected information that matches with the criteria.

Individuals can filter the outcome in different ways and get the result relevant to the search. With visual insight, one can get the exact result that an accurate AI engine recognizes the image. This analytical tool contains charts and graphs depicting the trending search related to the topic. One can simply click on the chart to open the topic.


BrandMentions has its existence on almost all non-social websites and social media platforms through blogs, newsletters, and reviews. It consists of extensive configuration.

Identify the keywords needed to track that include social handles or the company name. It also helps in monitoring the keywords of the competitors on the social handles. He can set up the project requirements excluding the keywords in the outcome. The platform pays the analysis for the search, and he can filter according to his requirement.

It takes a few seconds to break down the mentions. One can use many ways to filter that result such as selecting a specific mention for checking in-depth information. He can directly respond to the posts through BrandMentions.


It is different from any other tool as it allows combining the web for the content that contains the search terms. It provides more engagement figures on twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest and shows the links received by each search.

Buzzsumo provides an analysis report of the content through detailed engagement graphs on the topic of the articles one chooses.  Searches can be performed by using various filters that include B2B Publishers, Date, Language, Domain, Country, Content-type, Publisher size, and Word count.

Buzzsumo can be useful to creating the alerts to track various tasks that include competitor mention, keyword mention, and brand mention, content from a website, an author, and backlinks. Etc.

One can set value for minimum engagement, exclusions and inclusions that must be satisfied, and he will receive the alert


These tools can make your online reputation management easy and effective. They help in keeping the tasks on track and alert at the time of responding or when reaching the desired outcome.