The Road to Fitness Consulting: How to Kickstart Your Career


The average personal trainer in the US earns an attractive salary of around $66,000. When you consider this job also offers flexible hours and the ability to meet people and help them reach their health goals, it’s no wonder this is a popular profession.

If these benefits appeal to you, you’re probably wondering how to become a fitness consultant. As you’ll be committing, time, effort, and money, it’s important to know the tips that can help you become qualified and start earning a handsome income as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, and by the end of this article, you’ll be ready to start your journey in the fitness consultation industry.

Take a break from exercising while we learn more.


Pick a Fitness Consulting Speciality

There are a huge number of sectors within this burgeoning industry, and choosing one, or even two or three niches, will help you narrow your focus.

Perhaps you have a burning desire to help overweight people shed pounds so they can live a healthier lifestyle. Or maybe you’d enjoy the buzz of working with clients who compete in weightlifting competitions or who are even hoping to go on to become professional athletes.

Determine where your passion lies, and you’ll then be able to work towards achieving your specific goals.

Spend Time in Fitness-Based Environments

You need to feel comfortable in your workplace so you can make your clients feel the same way. If you already spend time in settings such as a gym, yoga studio, or swimming pool, this can be a great advantage.

However, if you still sometimes find yourself feeling out of place in a fitness-based environment, you should spend more time there. When being in those spaces feels natural, your confidence will pass on to your clients.

Work on Your Soft Skills

If you’re considering a career in fitness, the chances are that you’re already a people person. You’ll enjoy interacting with clients and getting to know them while you pass on the key methods that will help them reach their fitness targets.

You also need to ensure you have the emotional intelligence to recognize when someone needs a confidence boost, and when they need a more stern approach if they’re starting to put in less than the required effort.

This also means communication is vital. Knowing how to get your message across could be the difference between success and failure, both for you and your client.

Take a little time to review your soft skills, and brush up on the ones that require more development.

Earn a Professional Qualification

Most employers won’t hire someone who doesn’t have a professional fitness consultant certification. Even if you intend to find your own clients, you should never give advice without having the requisite skills and knowledge.

This is an investment in your career, and you should only study for the best personal trainer certification that will set you apart in the industry. Not only can this help you find employment more quickly, but it can also give your clients more confidence in your ability.

Get Insured

When you become a fitness consultant, it’s important to protect yourself and your business from certain risks. This could include a client hurting themselves when in your care. Should this happen, you could find they seek financial recompense that you wouldn’t be able to afford without insurance.

Although buying an insurance policy may seem like an unnecessary cost, it is well worth the price. Should a claim be made against you for something that is covered under your policy, an insurer can step in and pay the cost if you’re found to be liable.

This could be worth its weight in gold in terms of both peace of mind and financial security.

Start to Build a Client Base

The fitness industry is competitive, and you need to learn how to attract and retain clients. Otherwise, there will be other fitness consultants who will be more than happy to sign them up and take a larger slice of the market.

Focus on getting your first client and doing a superb job. Once you’ve made a good impression, ask them to give you a review online or to refer friends and family if they need a fitness consultant. You can do this in your spare time, and as you gain more clients, your reputation will spread further.

It can also help to post for free on social media, and you can set up a website. This is where you’ll showcase your skills and it’ll allow you to write fitness-related blog articles and display workout videos. Before long, you’ll have a steady client base with more inquiries coming in every day.

Never Stop Learning

New scientific research on fitness comes out all the time, and you should always know the latest developments. This will show clients that you’re a forward-thinking fitness consultant, and you’ll be able to provide a better service.

Sign up for fitness-related news alerts, and keep an hour or two free each week to read articles and add to your knowledge.

Becoming a Fitness Consultant Can Be Highly Rewarding

Once you become a fitness consultant, you’ll never look back. To become proficient in your new career you’ll need to gain a professional qualification and make sure you have terrific people skills. Never take on a client without having insurance in place, and make the effort to keep your industry knowledge up to date.

This will help you take your first steps in the lucrative fitness consultation industry.

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