The Pros and Cons of Owning a Garage Fridge


What do you do in your garage? Is it just for piling up old junk or do you have extra space for your workout gear? Garages can be an awesome space for anyone with teenage kids who want to hang out somewhere. Alternatively, you can also put your running machines in the garage away from the main house. Whichever you decide to do with your garage, installing an extra fridge there may be a good idea. When it comes to buying a garage ready refrigerator, there are many options. Although, you have to watch out for a few things before you decide on the best mini fridge for you.

Benefits of Investing in a Garage Ready Refrigerator

You’ll love having a garage refrigerator because it gives you extra flexibility. It’s also pretty common in the US for several reasons:

  • Extra storage
  • Space for leftovers
  • Entertaining
  • Kid hangout zone

Extra storage

The most obvious advantage of having a garage ready refrigerator is that you get extra storage space. If you have a family and frequent guests then you’ll appreciate being able to store food across two refrigerators.

For those who love being organized and who cook their meals for the week ahead of time, you’ll need the extra refrigerator. All those Tupperware boxes full of yummy food won’t necessarily all fit into one refrigerator. Also, a garage fridge may save you from too frequent grocery trips, as you can buy items in bulk and store them there.


Space for leftovers

There’s something wonderful about leftovers. They often taste better and there’s actually a scientific reason for that. The Institute of Food Technologists confirms that leftovers undergo chemical reactions that enhance flavors and taste. However, with only one kitchen fridge, you may not be able to keep them from going stale.

So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking and enjoy all that extra space that your garage fridge gives you.


The best part of owning a garage refrigerator is that you can be so much better prepared when hosting dinner parties. You’ll have all the extra space to store food so you can cook it well ahead of time.

Moreover, a mini fridge is perfect to keep all the extra drinks and various bottles your guests might potentially want. Whether you’re offering soft drinks or gourmet wine, your garage ready refrigerator is the perfect accessory.

Kids hangout zone

For those of you with teenage kids who aspire to launch the next big rock band, a garage can be a life saviour. It’s much easier to soundproof your garage and give your kids privacy than trying to manage everyone in the same space inside the house.

Then, rather than traipsing upstairs for refreshments and snacks every half an hour, they can benefit from garage fridges. Everyone has their space and everyone’s happy.

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Things to Look Out For with your Garage Refrigerator

So, what does getting a garage fridge actually mean? There are a few things to be aware of before you make your purchase:

  • Consider external temperatures
  • Be aware of forgotten food waste
  • Ensure there is enough space

Consider external temperatures

Most refrigerators operate in ambient temperatures such as inside a house. If your garage gets freezing cold temperatures in the winter months, your refrigerator will be under extra stress and will need more regular repairs done. Moreover, your electricity bills will be higher than necessary.

The good news is that you can buy special refrigerators that can handle cold weather. Alternatively, they have a switch to change to freezer mode so that they can cope with freezing temperatures. A proper outdoor fridge will also have extra features to avoid too much condensation in your garage.

Be aware of or gotten food waste

Of course, how you manage your extra refrigerator is up to you. It’s worth noting that there is a risk that you’ll forget what you have stored downstairs in the garage. Not only could you be wasting food but also money to buy new food.

Ensure there is enough space

Depending on the size of your garage, a refrigerator could just add more clutter. So before getting one, make sure there is space for it. Alternatively, this could be a great opportunity to be clutter your garage and create extra space for a reading corner next to your new refrigerator.

Let’s not forget space for the car although you might be quite happy to keep your car in the driveway. As you can imagine, every house and every situation is different and you have to choose what’s right for you. Either way, a garage ready refrigerator gives you options and potentially, a whole new feel to your garage.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a big family and do you love entertaining? Or do you enjoy cooking and freezing meals ready for the week to take to work? How do you use your garage and is it just for your car or do you have a hangout zone?

All those questions will help you decide if a garage ready refrigerator is what you need. If the answer is yes, then choose from one of the garage refrigerators that can cope with changes in temperature. That way, you’ll avoid unnecessary repairs and your garage won’t fill with condensation. You can then enjoy all the benefits of having extra refrigerator space while enjoying the versatility of what your garage offers.