The Future Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate the Market


With over a billion smartphone available and billions of applications available on digital stores has made app development an increasingly growing sector. Mobile apps are now available across all platforms and operating systems ranging from games to social media channels and many other applications serving a specific purpose. The mobile development trend is followed by almost all organizations to help improve customer engagement and brand recognition.

Mobile apps seem to provide the opportunity for businesses to reach out to a diverse list of customers, aiding as an effective marketing strategy. Checkout the upcoming year’s mobile app development trends given below to stay ahead of the curve.

Wearable OS

Smart wearables are one of the hottest trends in the market that have transitioned from traditional watches to wearable smart gears. This has opened up opportunities and the new hiring’s of app developers to optimize code for the wearable OS, for example, integrating heartbeat sensors, fitness applications and many other app varieties to develop in the upcoming years. Moreover, wearable OS serves the purpose to communicate with the smartphone, delivering information in new ways.

For instance, wearable devices have opened up possibilities to answer the call via it, having a microphone embedded inside it or having a fitness app to count the number of steps in parallel with heartbeat monitoring is just some of the examples.

IoT Devices

The internet of things is the most looked upon the feature of the future, with a billion devices connected. The concept behind it being, every device such as light bulbs, sockets, fans, and even the most basic stuff will be connected with the internet of things that will be controlled and communicated by an application through a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones will act as a remote control to power these devices. For example, Google coming up with a device called “Google Home”, that allows users to ask questions with the possibility of automating an entire house that will be run by the device itself.

NFC Transactions

Consumer’s convenience to make purchases through smartphones has increased in popularity, with many customers performing transactions at the palm of their hands. Services such as Apple pay and Google wallet facilitate purchases where phones now act as debit/ credit cards, making purchases by utilizing NFC mobile hardware. This allows developers to build mobile applications that integrate payment facilities to replace card payments, with not needing to be present physically at the time of purchase. Mobile app development company, amalgamate payment facilities through wearable devices to process payment differently. It helps businesses as well to gather and analyze data patterns, finding out customer buying behavior.


Most smartphone phone in today’s period has advanced mobile positioning technology and methods to provide qualities of location data. Knowing an individual’s locations from even short distances can give highly custom suggestions about for instance nearby stores to purchase clothing, suggestions of various restaurants and many others. Location sensing has some other advantages as well for instance to track vehicles or finding out about the last location where the vehicle was parked and some other useful uses as well. Mobile app developers have the upper advantage to develop apps by utilizing wearable hardware to track locations to provide highly personalized information to meet customer- centric requirements.

App Performance Management

Performance bottlenecks and prevalent when it comes to testing a mobile app through a diverse list of smartphones, tablets and other technology, that comprise of different specifications. With the introduction of application performance management has improved quality assurance and testing. APM provides statistics that help identify the key performance indicators of an app, enabling developers to focus and enhance those factors to further improve upon. Mobile app Development Company, face challenges to continuously face bottlenecks in performance, using robust tools to monitor performance and align business objectives with application performance.

There is no denying the fact that mobile app development has become the latest and the hottest trend in the market, ranging from startups to multinationals, making use of this effective digital marketing strategy to spread the word about their products and services. Mobile app development company, take mobile app development seriously, Designing and developing on multiple platforms and operating systems, staying ahead of aggressive competition.