The Complete Guide to Buying Leather Jackets: Everything to Know


Leather jackets are a classic and stunning outerwear option for various weather conditions, and they’re a sure way to add to your aesthetic and style. It’s easy to balk at the price of a top-notch leather jacket, but buying leather jackets is an investment that will last decades. The goal is to find the best options for leather jackets at prices that fit your budget.

It’s the ultimate wardrobe staple for men and women that want to add an edge to their style. The challenge is sorting through your options to find the best size, color, and features so you don’t experience buyer’s remorse after making a purchase.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this helpful resource to find the perfect leather jacket for a versatile wardrobe staple. Continue reading to pick out your first leather jacket today!

Look at Leather Type

Leather is a broad term covering several animal skin types, and it’s essential to know which kind of leather you prefer before purchasing. Cow leather is the most common choice for leather jackets, but you can also choose more exotic leathers according to your preference.


Cowhide is famous for leather jackets because it is durable and rugged. It’s the go-to leather for motorcycle jackets since it stands up to abuse.

Lambskin jackets are another option; they’re desirable because they’re soft and comfortable. The suppleness of these jackets leads to higher prices, so prepare to spend a hefty chunk of change to get in a lambskin jacket.

The most expensive leather option is calfskin. It brings the durability of cowhide with the softness of lambskin. You’ll pay a premium, but you’ll enjoy the perks of owning the best options for leather jackets.

Consider Joints and Panels

It’s best to look at the joints and panels on the jacket when sifting through your options. The best leather jackets have fewer joints and panels. You’ll usually pay more for fewer panels and joints unless you buy other leather jacket features with your investment.

Some additional panels allow the leather jacket brands to add more detailing and embroidery to the design. If you seek more panels and features, you’ll have a unique and rare jacket.

Look for jackets with fewer seams if you want a higher-quality leather jacket for your first purchase. Some leather jacket brands use leftover leather pieces to construct less expensive jackets. Look at the number of panels when shopping for sheepskin coats.

Choose a Leather Jacket Lining

Buying leather jackets that look amazing on the outside is a sound strategy, but you should also consider the interior lining of the jacket before making a purchase. The inner lining provides several benefits when wearing your leather jacket. A good lining will help to keep the jacket snug on your body.

It’s also an excellent way to absorb sweat that your body produces when wearing your leather jacket for a night out. Knowing your options for lining fabrics is critical to find one that is comfortable and meets your needs.

You’ll pay more when using a quality lining for your jacket, but it adds comfort and utility to the design. Consider a Bemberg lining if you’re unsure where to start when comparing leather jackets. It’s a light and breathable option for your new investment.

Learn to Clean Your Jacket

Most jackets are expensive, and it’s in your best interest to learn how to clean leather jackets to maintain their quality. You need nothing special to keep your leather jacket clean after a rainstorm or accident. You can start by mixing warm water with dish soap to create your cleaning solution.

Use a microfiber towel or cloth and dip it in the solution. Wring out the towel before applying the wet cloth to your leather jacket. You’ll want a second soft cloth or towel to wipe away the cleaning solution after you’ve used it on your leather jacket or coat.

All that’s left is to wipe your jacket down with a towel to preserve its durability and beauty. You can also use a toothbrush to remove any stains collected on your jacket while wearing it.

Consider the Accessories

Look at the leather jacket’s hardware when shopping and comparing leather jacket prices. You’ll learn much about a jacket’s quality when looking at zippers, buttons, and clasps on the jacket. Zippers are a significant issue with cheaper leather jackets, and they’re among the first things to look for when shopping for the best leather jacket brands.

YKK zippers are the go-to option if your goal is a quality leather jacket. You can trust the other components and features of your leather jacket are also high-end and quality options if the zipper is the best option.

YKK makes the most robust and durable zippers for jackets and coats. Try the zipping process; you’ll note that they’re smoother than other zippers.

Find Your Fit

No one wants to spend significant money on leather jackets that don’t fit them, so it’s critical to find the perfect size and cut for your leather jacket purchase. The cut provides the shape of your leather jacket; the best way to determine if it’s perfect is by trying it on.

Check the shoulder seams to ensure they’re lining up with your shoulders. The jacket won’t fit well if the shoulder seams are too high or low.

Higher armholes are another sign that you’ve found the perfect leather jacket for your needs. The length of your jacket should come down to the end of your waistband for a stylish look.

Consider Buying Leather Jackets Today

Buying leather jackets is an excellent way to change your style and attain a fashionable appearance, but knowing what you’re looking for is crucial. The best options for leather jackets have fewer panels and upscale embellishments like YKK zippers. When comparing leather jacket prices, it’s also essential to find the best fit and cut for your body type.

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is hard work, especially when you don’t have the right resources.

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