The Best Low Light Indoor Plants


Did you know investing in indoor plants for your home can help bring your stress levels down? Studies have shown you may feel less stressed out than you do now simply by purchasing house plants and strategically placing them throughout your home.

But you should be careful about which indoor plants you buy. If you don’t purchase low-light indoor plants, your plants might end up being more work than you bargained for. This could result in your stress levels skyrocketing before long.

Low-maintenance house plants will be much better options. These hard-to-kill plants will survive in almost any condition and will require very little effort on your part.

So, which plants should you think about adding to your home? Here are a handful of low-light indoor plants that’ll be the perfect addition to your house.


Lucky Bamboo Plants

If you have pets living in your home or you’re considering getting a pet soon, you may want to shy away from lucky bamboo plants. They may be toxic to certain types of animals.

But if you don’t have any pets, they might be great low-light indoor plants for your home. They won’t mind getting a little light, but if they aren’t able to get it, it won’t kill them or even make them look worse for wear.

As their name would suggest, lucky bamboo plants are also thought to bring good luck when you welcome them into your home. This will be especially true if you happen to receive one as a gift.

If you’re going for a holistic interior design in your home, lucky bamboo plants might work wonders for it.

Golden Pothos Plants

Golden pothos plants have turned into some of the most popular house plants around. And it’s very easy to see why.

Even if you don’t give golden pothos plants any light and forget to water them, they’ll typically keep on kicking. They’re known for being some of the most durable house plants in the country and are almost impossible to kill.

At the same time, golden pothos are some of the most aesthetically pleasing plants you can bring into your home. Just like with lucky bamboo plants, though, you will need to be careful if you have pets. Golden pothos plants may prove to be toxic to them.

Spider Plants

In spite of their name, spider plants are not going to bring more spiders into your home. Instead, they earned their name thanks to the spider-like offshoots that grow from them.

Spider plants can be placed almost anywhere in a home without you having to worry about what might happen to them. While they won’t turn down sunlight, they also don’t need it to grow.

You’ll also be able to either put spider plants into pots that are then placed onto tables or floors or hang them from the ceiling. Either way, the only thing you’ll need to be sure you do is water them from time to time to stop them from drying out too much.

Snake Plants

If you don’t exactly have the greenest thumb in the world, the idea of keeping plants around for decades on end might be foreign to you. But that’s precisely what you might be able to do with snake plants.

Snake plants have very unique leaves that grow straight up into the air. In some cases, they can get to be up to eight feet tall. They’re also able to continue to stand tall for decades on end without you having to set them up with much light or water.

Of all the low-light indoor plants on this list, this one might be the easiest to maintain and keep alive. You’ll appreciate how simple it’ll be to make them look like they’re flourishing without you doing too much work.

English Ivy Plants

When English ivy grows outside, it’ll often spread over large portions of land and cover the ground effectively. But when you bring English ivy into your home, it won’t grow too out of control.

It’ll have dainty green leaves that will spill over the side of a pot and create a trailing effect that you’ll come to appreciate. You will need to give English ivy some indirect light for it to thrive. But you won’t have to go too overboard when you’re caring for it.

Cast Iron Plants

If you want to buy low-light indoor plants that are going to be as close to indestructible as it gets, can we interest you in cast iron plants? Even if you made it your mission to try to kill these low-light indoor plants by neglecting them, it wouldn’t work.

The only real way to put cast iron plants six feet under would be by going out of your way to give them direct sunlight when they don’t need it. This sunlight can damage their leaves and eventually cause them to die.

With this in mind, you’ll actually be encouraged to do as little as possible when it comes to caring for cast iron plants. The less you try to maintain them, the taller and stronger they should grow. They’re truly the best types of indoor plants for those who are always killing other kinds of plants.

Start Shopping for Low-Light Indoor Plants

Are you looking for house plants for a room in your home that doesn’t get much natural light? Or do you simply know that you’re going to forget to provide indoor plants with enough light each day?

In either of these cases, you’ll want to buy low-light indoor plants that will be hard to kill. They’ll be able to put up with just about anything that you send in their direction.

Begin searching for the low-light indoor plants you want to buy and read our other home improvement blog articles for more tips on decorating the interior of your home.