How Can a Surgical Mask Prevent Coronavirus Spread Out

Surgical Mask

A face that covered with the mask is a symbol of generation in this pandemic era, and it appears to stay even longer. Even though schools will be opened soon, but they strictly require their students to wear masks in classrooms. Furthermore, the World Health Organization has been recommending each of us to wear a mask anywhere we go. But how a surgical mask that packed in the exclusive custom surgical mask boxes can prevent coronavirus to spread out?

Wearing a Mask Is Not Only About Protecting Yourself

Various pieces of evidence support the importance of wearing a surgical mask or a face mask today. One of the strongest ones comes from the WHO itself which stated that keeping a three-foot distance from others and wearing a mask approved to limit the spread out of coronavirus. In this regard, wearing a mask is not only about protecting yourself. More than that, it is about protecting other people that surround you. In simple words, by wearing a mask, we are protecting each other from the transmission of this threatening virus.

As we all have acknowledged, COVID-19, which is a respiratory illness that created by the dangerous coronavirus, attacks lungs and throats. This virus commonly spreads when someone is coughing, sneezing, and even breathing.

Imagine if an infected person exhales, they will spread out contagious droplets of this invisible virus into the air. This is where you need a face mask, a cloth mask, or a surgical mask packed in surgical mask packaging boxes to prevent against the spread out.

Mask Obligation

A recent study has compared the growth percentage of COVID-19 before and after mask obligations in 15 states. The study came out with the finding that this mask obligation led to a significant slowdown of the COVID-19 growth speed daily. In detail, the initial five days after the obligation, the growth rate reduced by 0.9 percentage-points every day.

In addition to this, another study that observed at coronavirus deaths that appear in 198 countries has discovered that the countries with strict government policies of mask-wearing had lower death rates caused by this virus. Hence, surgical masks that covered properly in hygienic mask packaging boxes can act as a “source control” that prevents bigger excluded droplets from vanishing into smaller droplets to travel further.

On the other hand, even though covering your nose and mouth will surely help, but you also should always wash your hands properly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Besides, wearing a mask is certainly not an alternative to making social distancing.

There is a wide range of options for us to follow this mask obligation. Some of us are preferred to wear a simple cloth mask, while others might go for a surgical mask. However, for children who are younger than two years old and people who already have trouble breathing are suggested not to wear a face mask.

Moreover, the more complicated ones, such as N95 respirators, are only used by personal protective equipment in hospitals.

How to Use a Surgical Mask Properly?

A surgical mask or a reusable cloth mask must cover your face properly, right from the bridge of your nose down to your chin. Remember also that if you are not wearing it correctly, if you feel uncomfortable, you might not wear it correctly. A mask needs to be cozy without excavating into your skin.

Some health experts recommend placing on a mask before leaving out your house and enter a public space. The minute you are back at home, you can remove your mask and immediately wash your hands with water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Some essential points to be noted in this case are:

  • Public health professionals have strongly recommended all of us to wear masks when we are outside, especially if we have to be in a gathering.
  • A number of researches have approved that wearing masks along with making social distancing will limit the transmission of the virus.
  • Health care experts suggest that disposable surgical masks and reusable cloth masks are perfect for daily use. Meanwhile, other types such as N95 masks and medical-grade respirators are reserved for health-care experts.
  • Your mask must completely cover your nose and mouth properly and conveniently.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are preferred to wear a surgical mask, a face mask, or a cloth mask, you need to remember that this mask is meant to protect you from the spread out of a dangerous virus. For this reason, make sure to get the best quality of surgical masks provided in the exceptional printed surgical mask boxes. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that wearing a mask not only will protect yourself from getting the COVID-19 transmission, but it will also protect other people around you.