Styling Your Patio Furniture


Having an outdoor space like a patio can be one of the most enriching amenities that comes with a home.  However, deciding how to decorate them can be a serious challenge, especially if you’re planning on having guests or using the space in multiple ways.

While we can look at articles like this for some design ideas, that doesn’t help with figuring out how we want our own to function.  So, for some tips on how to do that, keep reading – hopefully, I can provide you with some good advice and potential layout ideas for your outside activities!

Keeping it Simple

One of my favorite styles of design is sweet and simple.  Something like a black and white theme is a classic for a reason, after all.  So, that’s what I usually opt for.  The best part about it, though, is that it’s easy to spruce up.


Choose an accent color that is to your liking and add pillows or chair cushions, or even an umbrella.  Doing this is a quick way to add interesting elements to the area without overcrowding or getting too crazy.  Thus, you don’t have to place style above function – you can have both!


Give it a Natural Feeling

This is a fairly obvious choice, given the area where you will be setting up. If you want to keep some closeness to nature, you could go with a cabana or rattan set, for example.  You can explore the at home patio furniture options and choose ones that suit the vibe you are going for.

Another way to get this effect is to get some potted plants.  It’s a fun way to garden without too much of a hassle, as well.  Some plants that flourish in these environments are tomatoes or certain types of flowers, and herbs.  My personal favorites are basil and rosemary but pick what you know you’re going to cook with most!

Go for the Party Aura

If naturalism isn’t your thing, you could go the complete other way.  Break out the tiki torches and fun colors!  Orange and yellow are great statement pieces, but a nice blue or purple can go a long way as well.

One of the biggest features to choose is the lighting in general.  Like I mentioned, you could use tiki torches for a carefree sort of feel but hanging lights or pendant ones could also be nice.  I like ones that are shaped – some examples might be dragonflies or peace signs!  Go as crazy or normal as you want – it’s all about what you enjoy.

Bricks are Beautiful

A pretty looking base might be made of bricks.  They can come in a variety of colors.  I personally like white ones or gray ones, but there’s nothing wrong with the traditional red either.  They can offer a traditional sort of style for your patio, or more modern if you go for alternative colors.

Either way, they’re a staple for a reason.  They aren’t damaged easily, and they are stable when set properly.  While you could hire a contractor to install them, they aren’t necessary.  Consider looking at this blog post for some more ideas:

Fun With Tiles

If yours has flooring made of tiles, you can get experimental with it.  One option here is to paint some of them or all of them.  You could create a checkerboard pattern or any that you like, really –be creative!  If you don’t like it in the end, you can always paint over it and try again.  The sky is truly the limit.

Is Boho Still In?

Yes, yes, and yes!  One of the best parts about the boho style is that it’s never really unfashionable.  Sure, decorating goes through cycles and trends, but you can hardly go wrong rocking this in your space.  It’s a true classic.

Additionally, it’s often quite budget friendly too.  You can even get furniture and make it look more distressed to fit this.  String lights can go a long way and are generally inexpensive.

Different Spots

You don’t always have to make your patio in the backyard, either.  Say your front lawn is more spacious – there’s no reason not to build there!  Some people even make their driveways work as a space like this.

All it takes is a bit of DIY gumption.  Once you have the furniture, you can display it in the driveway and put up a fun umbrella for shade, too, if you want.  Something else I’ve seen people do is install curtains to separate one part from the others, if that could be of use to you!

At the end of the day, selecting your furniture and sense of style is up to you.  However, I hope this article has helped you sort out what sort of space you’re looking to create!