Start Your Anime Journey With These Online Sites

Anime Journey

This pandemic has changed many individuals’ lives due to the demand of their government of having them stay indoors and avoid going to public places, especially the minors. Staying inside your house for more than months is depressing and frustrating because you only have little things to do when you’re at your home.

Besides chatting with friends through social media, playing online games, watching different series can keep your day going. One fun anime show can detach you from boredom and depression, and you can not notice the time. Below are some anime websites that you may visit for your anime journey.


AnimeLab is one of the best-known websites where you can watch anime online for free available on the market. This website has a vast library of animes with different genres that you can easily access with just one click. You can choose from classic anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion to new ones like the Tower of God. AnimeLab has your back.

What is good about this website is that you can access everything for free without subscribing to any monthly subscription streaming services. They have a clean and organized website where you can easily find and stream any of your favorite anime. If you are located outside Australia, you don’t have to worry because you can just set-up a VPN.

Soul Anime

The Soul Anime website is another excellent site where you can stream your favorite anime shows where you won’t be having to spend a single dime. This website is equi[ed with all the major anime titles that you might be searching for, with a global media library. This website is fantastic! You can open this website anywhere and anytime you want.

The website doesn’t offer only anime series and animated movies where you can watch at your convenience. There are also different genres according to your age and contents, where you can explore on this website. This website is entirely free to use, so take your time and enjoy yourself.


This AnimeHeaven website is one of the most straightforward and less complicated websites that you can find in the market. You can freely watch different anime of your choice and even your favorite ones just for free. AnimeHeaven has a massive library of animes with different genres to choose from, like horror, love stories, actions, and more.

This website is completely riddled with different ads that won’t affect you because you can easily close them by a Ctrl+W. Aside from that, the website has a less hassle way to help you navigate to easily get what you want. This website has a unique feature, for it airs your favorite anime in Japan in real-time.


The 9anime is one of the best anime sites where Otaku usually visit to stream their favorite animes. For some of us who are new to this anime journey, you may still not be familiar with the website online. This website is safe to stream, and it is all for free without any subscriptions.

It comes with minimal ads, so you won’t be disturbed when watching your favorite anime shows. Still, not only that, this website gives you different options, so you have the authority to control your streaming experience. Unlike the other websites, this website does not depend on ads; it has an option that you can choose to don’t get interrupted while streaming.


Don’t worry if you have to stay home for weeks because all of these anime websites can help you take off all those lonely moments and feelings at home. So what are you waiting for? Stream on!