St. Regis Mumbai: a perfect place to enjoy a posh holiday


Are you planning to visit Mumbai? ST Regis is a must-visit and much-sorted out place. You can take the pleasure of visiting a posh ambiance. Travelers can book their stay at ST Regis Mumbai at affordable rates. Goibibo presents a good deal of discounts and offers so that people can enjoy staying here on a pocket-friendly budget.

There is something magical and historic in this grand hotel. St. Regis in Mumbai ranks among the grandeurs. It is a palace-type hotel rarely found in India. The palace seems historic and magical, from its structure to essence. It marks a great opulence with its wonderful beauty in and around St Regis in Mumbai will let your head spin.

The living status at the Hotel of St Regis is rated more than five stars. Visitors will know more about the place when they have the pleasure to visit the place with their loved ones. You can also plan a trip to Mumbai with your family members as per your holiday schedules. The palladium of the Hotel reaches nearly about a total count of 42 stories and also shelters with 300+ guest rooms. The travelers can enjoy the best sip and gin at the hotel premises, which calls for shaded shelters and the green courtyard.

Currently, ST Regis is considered as one of the wonders in the city of Mumbai. The amazing scenario around ST Regis is enough to let your head spin. Travelers get acquainted with the history of the place once they visit the area and take a cool tour to learn about the place alive. The locational extent of ST Regis is within a posh area that receives the close vicinity of all modern amenities.


Travelers always have a keen desire to visit St. Regis whenever the expenses suit their budget. ST Regis is 113 years old and highly maintained by the hotel officials and authority to open the gateway of history to their visitors. The service provided is also grand. The cuisines are its best part. If you visit Mumbai with your partner after marriage for your honeymoon, St Regis will be a short gift of surprise for your spouse.

The location of the St Regis Mumbai stands posh with all public transportation and communications. ST Regis Mumbai is located in the Lower Parel district of Mumbai. The sparkling view from the hotel is simply eye soothing. There are about all sorts of luxuries and shopping possibilities available at the hotels. The area is so posh that it opens up air to the laundry of Dhobi Ghats, visible from all sides of the hotel and from some rooms at the hotel.

At the hotel, there are contrasting features studded with richness. The money accumulation is more than 100 crores daily in the market around ST Regis. ST Regis belongs to a column of wealth where thrums of Mumbai are raised with affluence. The staircases sweep into the mezzanine. The lobby suggests portraying old-world luxury. It makes ST Regis one of the hallmarks of palace-like hotels in Mumbai.

ST Regis and its ambiance hallmark the region with posh hospitality. The finely graded demographic features of the bank give the area an entirely younger look than the Grandes Dames. There are about 300+ guest rooms with a recent feed of up to 386+ rooms. The people who work here at St Regis are perfect masters of warm welcoming hospitality.

The people who work at the hotel are real masters of warm hospitality. The staff always welcome people with a wide smile on the face and with a warm sense of welcome. The hotel offers the facility of free Wi-Fi for the guests on almost every floor. The staff at the hotel are continuously engaged in the cleaning and washing to keep the hotel floors and rooms free from any dust or air-borne diseases.

During the pandemic’s span, the people at ST Regis maintain sanitization for a long time. Health is wealth. If visitors to the place do not retreat fit and fine, they will never return to the same place again. The walls of the hotels are highly decorated with handmade objects and portray a feel of ancient painting to abide by the surroundings.

The food and cuisine at St Regis needs a special mention above all. The chief chef is highly trained and so he offers with wide variety of cooking styles. These staff are highly paid so that they maintain the quality throughout. The wonderful mouthwatering dishes not only represent our own country but also represents wonderful dishes from the lands of the Mongolia, China, Continental and Vietnam. The striking wonders at the St Regis Mumbai presents cuisines that are highly made from fresh and rich ingredients giving every dish a tasty aroma and flavor.

The top floors have in them four bars where all types of drinks are available within the best affordability. So your drink is just a request away. The hotel roof as well as the floors are known to bloom at the night. The festive mood starts from the evening itself. There are seven kitchens at the hotel where the cooking is always on. Various foods are being prepared including the drinks are also served.

Sahib Room and Kipling Bar are the two exceptionally added rooms for people who want to enjoy drinks. Latest cuisines at the hotel with dozens of chefs working all day long happen to be one of the best varieties experienced at the hotel. Spread over an area of 25,000 sq ft, St Regis is marked with a discreet signature of beauty and lavishness. The culture interconnects with poshness all over the hotels.

The hotel keeps the right balance with the ambiance in and around. Tourists really consider ST Regis in Mumbai as one of the top picks in Mumbai. Travelers have rated this hotel with 5 stars to prove that everything is totally perfect for them. Heights of relaxation and rejuvenation offers with the paramount and extensively prepared wellness floors for all. So, the next time you are in Mumbai, you must make sure you get your early booking at any of the rooms of St Regis. You can book your stay within your pocket friendly budget only.