How Do Squat Wedge Blocks Enhance Your Squat Form?


Squats are excellent exercises that help to reach your goal of weight loss. It is also an important part of gym workouts.

This exercise works on getting in shape or gaining more mobility to make everyday tasks easier. So, keep doing it.

Squat wedge blocks help you get a deeper squat while making your form, preventing your ankles, and enhancing your hip and ankle mobility.

How can they be more beneficial, and why are they perfect for athletes of all levels, from elite to newcomer? In this article, we’ll tell you all.


Here are some of the advantages you should consider getting squat wedges.

1. Increase range of motion

Most athletes suffer from poor ankle flexibility and hip mobility. It can become a challenge for them to get into a full squat for newcomers and heavy lifters alike.

However, a squat wedge can allow you to move your knee forward to increase your squat depth without risking an injury.

2. Find more quad engagement

If your focus is more on the quad, you’ll use a squat wedge block. Lifting your feet will take your knee forward. This act allows more on your focus quads as you raise.

3. Prevent your back

When you lift weights, your back can get hurt, and it needs protection to prevent injury or hurt. A squat wedge block will help you to protect your back from injury and keep it safe.

This squat wedge block would help prevent this by decreasing the amount of load on your lumbar spine so you can take more weight to your squat without giving extra pressure.

4. Help you to stay upright

New squatters are likely to fall forward while squatting, especially when they lift the weight. This often happens because the squatter can have tight hip flexors or weak glutes. But you don’t need to worry; your hips and glutes will be stronger the more you squat!

At the time, squat wedge blocks will keep you upright and protect you from falling forward. It aims to teach your body to do squats correctly, which will secure you to continue squatting safely as you become stronger.

5. Improve knee stability

Quads and glutes are more focused when you squat, but your knee is very important to make it happen. If your knee is in good form, you can do squats efficiently. They need to be connected with the feet during your squat and shouldn’t cave in.

When your knees lack stability, you might feel unstable as you squat down and up instead of taking the move in one smooth motion. This can lead to injuries and end up making more losses than good. Squat wedges provide knee stability, securing you to do every squat safely and in good form.

6. Good with other exercises

The squat block wedge also provides wrist support when doing planks, push-ups, or yoga, besides enhancing your squat form.

Why do people love to squat?

People in athletics love squatting because they need to target the whole body.

Squat provides that opportunity to involve every muscle group in your lower body, including your glutes, quadriceps, core, obliques, calves, hips, and hamstrings.

Moreover, it helps to build muscle in your lower body and strengthen the ligaments and tendons around your legs, which improve stability and protect you from injuries.

More importantly, squats are not only for athletes. Anyone can do it to improve their range of motion and make everyday activities more accessible.

It is also a good thing; you can do squats anywhere at any time or age. You only need the equipment of a set of squat wedge blocks to stabilize you so you can get a better squat.

The science behind squat block wedge

The research says that squat wedges may decrease the risk of injury/damage while squatting, enhance squat depth, and target specific muscle groups.

Anyone can benefit from squat wedges, especially if you struggle to squat deeply. Furthermore, it also indicates spinal safety, especially since it is beneficial for novice weight trainers to do back squats with their heels slightly raised.

Squat wedge blocks are equipment that provides you protection from spinal injury and optimizes your stability, including knee stability, and you can add more weight without any injury.

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What is the purpose of squat wedge blocks?

It protects your back from injury by decreasing the pressure on your lumbar spine when you add more weight.

Are squat wedge blocks safe?

Yes, they are safe.

What are the benefits of squat wedge blocks?

Squat wedge blocks mainly work on raising your heel when squatting. It prevents knee strain while exercising the legs.

How do I choose a squat wedge?

You can choose based on the size you need from the range of squat wedges.