A Guide to Solar Power: How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

Solar Panels

Within the next four years, 2.4% of U.S. homes will have installed solar panels. Given the myriad benefits of solar power, the surge in solar panels’ installation isn’t surprising. Have you installed solar panels in your home?

If you’re considering solar panel installation, you’re on the right track. Other than the guaranteed energy efficiency, you’ll help conserve the environment and save on electricity bills.

Keep reading our guide to know more about the solar panel installation process.

Site Inspection

Solar installation companies often visit sites to ensure that everything is compatible with the energy system you want to install. The engineer inspecting the site often evaluates the roof’s condition to ascertain that its structure is sound. Your electrical panel, usually in the basement, is also assessed to see if it’s usable for the new project or if it needs an upgrade.

If the engineer requests for an electrical panel upgrade, your solar panels will need more amps. As such, your electrical box capacity will have to increase.

Note that the engineer site visit is more precise than the initial inspection where a company checks your home before giving you the contract to sign. If you’re looking for a firm that takes time to inspect your site for the best solar power solution, Blue Raven Solar is your ideal partner. You’ll get a comprehensive roof inspection and aspects such as energy usage history to ensure that the solar panel installation process won’t have any hitches.

Get the Right Paperwork

You need to have the required documentation for solar panel installation from start to finish. Failure to get the appropriate paperwork will get you into legal trouble.

It is crucial to start by getting a permit from your area’s local building department. The permit package outlines what you need to do and proof that it meets the required electrical and building codes.

You must also apply for federal and state solar incentives that include local solar programs, solar renewable energy certificates, rebates, clean energy initiatives, and federal ICT. The documents might vary depending on your state.

If you’re asking yourself, ‘how long does it take to install solar panels considering all these pre-installation processes?’ you’re not alone. It’s not surprising to get homeowners who assume the process of solar panel installation takes only a few hours. The time frame will depend on how fast your installer follows up with the paperwork.

Order the Equipment and Schedule for the Installation

The main equipments are inverters and solar panels. Your identified solar installation company can guide you on the right brand that will be efficient and durable. Note that there are different solar panels, and your ideal option will depend on your needs.

It would be best to research individually to have an idea of the best equipment. Compare string inverters and micro-inverters before going for either. Analyze the top-rated solar panels to know the best option for you.

The Solar Panel Installation Process 

It’s a no-brainer that solar panels are installed on roofs, save for a few people who mount the panels on the ground. The idea is to have your panels in a place where they’re getting maximum sunlight. You need to start the installation process by erecting scaffolding to maintain safety during the solar panel installation on the roof.

Now that you have the scaffolds in place, install the solar panel mounts, which will support the solar panels. The next step is setting up the solar panel on the erected mounting structure. You need to tighten all the nuts and bolts for your solar panel to remain stable.

Solar panels further involve electrical wiring. The installer should then provide a solar inverter, which can be at the main panel, either indoors or outdoors. This inverter ought to be then connected to the solar battery and finally to the consumer unit.

Your solar panels will be useful even within the next thirty years. It would be best to give your installer ample time to work on your solar panel installation. Depending on your system’s size, the process of solar panel installation can take up to three days.

Wait for Approval

It is crucial to understand the regulations surrounding the installation of solar panels. Before you start enjoying your solar energy, a government representative within your town must inspect the entire system before approving. The inspection involves evaluating the work done, wiring, safety mounting, and adherence to solar panel installation codes.

After the local inspection, you are now ready for the grid interconnection. Your electricity company representative should then come by for a final evaluation. Unless there are identified glaring issues, your panels should be live once you get a go-ahead.

Maintaining Solar Panels 

Solar panels don’t have any moving parts, which makes them have minimal maintenance needs. After the initial cost of installation, maintaining solar panels will be relatively easy. However, it is crucial to keep inspecting the panels as dirt and other debris can pile on the surfaces.

Dirty panels might not absorb sunlight in the best way. You can wash the surface of the panels regularly, either in the evening or morning. Avoid using hot water when the panels are hot, as it can be damaging. If a sponge is not cleaning the panels in the best way, get professional cleaners who will leave your solar panels clean and still functional.

How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

People who want to install solar panels might lack the necessary information to guide them when making the decision. It is crucial to understand the process of solar panel installation. Once you learn the process, the question “how long does it take to install solar panels?” won’t be confusing.

The time frame for each phase depends on the provider. The right solar panel installer should get you the right system within the appropriate timing.

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