Smart and Easy tips to gain more Pinterest followers


In the digital era, how to gain more Pinterest followers has become the most common search term nowadays. If you are interested in increasing your followers, here we will explain expert’s recommended tips that will help you gain more genuine followers and might it prove a game-changing technique for your business.

So, are you ready? Let’s go!

Why should you choose Pinterest?

Following are the great reasons one should focus on Pinterest.

  • It builds credibility and authority in your niche
  • Improve growth and traffic to your site
  • Give free marketing to your business
  • Improve the volume and bottom line for your business
  • Boost your email subscribers

How to gain more Pinterest followers

Be active on Pinterest

One of the smart and easy ways to become successful on Pinterest is to make friends with the smart feeds.  It would help if you outsmarted the feed and followers might flock to you.

You can use a pin scheduler like Tailwind, a most crucial aspect to gain followers. But to win this trick, you have to be consistent with engagement on Pinterest. To be active, you can manually post regularly, pins to other’s trending pages, and tap the board to follow (when you see it on your account).

Always follow your competitors

If you think you should wait for your competitors to flock with you, you will lose a lot of time. The powerful tactic to gain more Pinterest followers is following your competitors strategically.

For instance, if you give small packaging ideas, then find your competitors on the same keyword. If your competitors have a huge fan base their fans will love your content. Eventually, you can gain followers.

Get Use of search Bar


On Pinterest, keywords are invaluable. But keywords, or search terms, are the only medium that helps you get the information you are looking for

As per research2 billion searches are made on Pinterest every month. So, you don’t underestimate the power of SEO because keywords are the only way to get more followers.

In the search bar, you can find many relevant keywords related to your post. So pick them out and paste them in your post description, board titles, and on your profile as well.

Get advantage of Promoted pins

If you use your Pinterest account for marketing purposes, make sure you have a business account. It will give perks such as promoting your pins, running ads on Pinterest, and giving your pins more exposure and visibility.

If you want to spread your content worldwide, choose the ads section and create your first promoted pin.

The Bottom Line

Growing your Pinterest followers is quite a daunting task, but as much as you involve in the task, it will become overwhelming. The tricks mentioned above can help you get more followers. So, follow them wisely and get the most out of these tips.

We hope you got the answer – How to gain more Pinterest followers. If you have any doubt, drop your queries in the comment box.