Six Questions to Ask before Hiring a Real Estate Photographer


The real estate photographer is responsible for making your business successful. Not only businessmen but also homeowners are feeling the need to hire photographers nowadays because everything is being done online. The importance of images and videos has also increased in every business during the pandemic. So, when you decide to hire a real estate photographer, make sure you ask every important question from him that needs to be answered.

Here are six questions mentioned that you should ask your photographer before hiring him.

  • Experience

The real estate photographer you hire must have the relevant experience of capturing and listing excellent photos. You can direct ask him to provide evidence for his past works to analyze his level of experience in the real estate industry. If the photographer is genuine and authentic, he would address every concern and query you have regarding his experience. He would provide you with his certificates and might also get you in touch with his past customers.

  • Equipment

Real estate photography is not possible without high-quality equipment. The photographer you hire must have the equipment that is required to fulfill the job. Moreover, the equipment should be updated and brand new. Any outdated model of the camera might not serve the purpose effectively. So, you can ask the photographer if he has invested in buying the right equipment for his job or not. It will also show his level of interest and seriousness regarding the job.

  • Timeline

You should ask the photographer whether he will provide you with a complete timeline of the project or not. If he agrees to do so, it shows that he also wants to get done with your work on time instead of delaying it. On the other hand, if he doesn’t agree, it shows that he might cause a delay in uploading the finished images. Since the real estate industry is unpredictable, any sort of delay can result in a significant loss of your time and money.

  • Customer Service & Support

Any renowned real estate photographer will give a platform to his customers where he can address their queries and concerns. So, you can ask your photographer before hiring him whether he has a proper platform for customer support or not. Also, make sure that he will respond to your call any time of the day in case you face a problem with the listing. If your photographer is credible, he would also make sure that he makes everything from virtual staging to listing successful.

  • Insurance

You should also ask about the insurance policies from the real estate photographer. It will help you ensure whether the risks associated with the videographer and photography are going to be covered by the insurance company or not. If the photographer is sure about his quality of work and professionalism, he won’t mind providing you financial security in case of any damage or accident. So, the photographer you hire should be covered by insurance policies that can reimburse any kind of damage that occurs to your property during the photography. Moreover, you will also get a refund in case you are not satisfied with the services of the photographer.

  • Contract

Last yet the most important question that you should ask from the real estate photographer before hiring him is about the written contract. It is better to get everything in writing to avoid any sort of dispute or conflict later. So, you must ask the photographer you are going to hire whether he is willing to sign a contract with you or not. If he seems reluctant, you will know that he is keeping something from you or he might not be looking for your best interests. On the other hand, if the photographer is willing to sign the contract, it shows that he also wants everything to go smoothly as decided by the two parties.