Six Noteworthy Ways to Childproof Your Home


By the time your baby starts moving around, you will be too busy chasing after him or her to have any time to child-proof your home. Therefore, it’s best to get your child-proofing done well in advance. You can also take the help from electrician Northern Beaches to get the work done.

First, look at your home from your baby’s viewpoint. Crawl around and make a list of problem areas. Next, move or lock up many dangerous things. Then, decide what products you will use to secure everything else. Here are some specific suggestions for how to deal with various issues.

For your doors

Secure door knobs from being opened by curious hands by installing Secure Grip Clear Door Knob Covers or Door Knob Locks. These products fit a variety of doorknob and its variable sizes and must be squeezed in a specific way by adult hands to turn the knob to open the door.


For security purposes you can also set up a child alarm system with the help of Northern Beacheselectricians of Sydney on the doors. Install Finger Guards too to keep fingers from being pinched in door jams or doors being locked shut. Replace metal door stops that have plastic ends that can be pried off and choked on with the door stops.

For cabinets and drawers

Secure drawers and cabinets with locks. The strongest and safest ones are part of Tot-Lock system. The mechanism for this system screws securely to the cabinet or drawer, unlike adhesive systems that could be pulled off. Plus, the hardware is all sealed safely inside the cabinet or drawer, unlike other systems where babies can open cabinets and drawers a crack, slip their fingers inside, and (with a little strength and luck) press the lock to open it.

Tot-Locks unlocks only when a stable (safe) magnet key is pushed against the outside of the cabinet or drawer. They are expensive and a bit of a pain to install, but well worth the peace of mind in the long run. You can have them installed with the help of Northern Beaches emergency electricians.

For electrical appliances

Secure the television from tipping over with Safety Straps. Bundle electrical cords with a Just Right! In place of making your investment in a Parents Units TV Guard that would be easily resolved by your kid in a smart way, it is better to have them installed behind the glass doors. Cord Control system and cover wires that must run along the edges with a set of wire guards.

For electrical outlets

You need to take the help from electrical contractors at Northern Beaches to get safety cover for your power strips. Instead of covering electrical outlets with outlet plugs that can be pried off (and then choked on!) invest in plates that would be covering the entire outlet.

The entire outlet is covered with one or two outlet covers and holds the end of plugged-in cords inside so that the babies cannot tug them loose. If you need the outlet to be accessible sometimes and covered when not, get Universal Outlet Cover. Little plastic panels block the outlet holes, but can be slid aside when you need to plug things in.

For your kitchen

Lock your fridge with Lock Release Fridge Latch and your oven with Oven Lock. Cover stove knobs with Stove Knob Covers to keep little hands from turning on the burners. Install Stove Guard along the top of the stove to keep babies from reaching up to grab pots and pans.

For your bathroom

Install a Toilet Lock or Toilet Seat Lid-Lock to keep your baby from opening and falling into the toilet. To take safety an extra step, either move all poisonous cleaners and other products to an inaccessible area in your basement, attic, or garage or (if they must be stored in your bathroom) lock them up inside with Clean Guard storage tote. You can have a Medicine Safe you have your medicines out of your child’s reach.

Other general safety items you might need to get including in safety devices would be Cord Wind-Ups or Blind Winders to prevent the blind cords up to the kids who might get tangled in them and use covers to cover up the tips of the furniture Brackets to secure bookcases, bureaus, and other heavy pieces of furniture to the wall so they do not tip over if babies try to climb them. You might also want to get some edge guards and corner guards, which are lengths of foam padding that cushion sharp edges of tables and fireplaces. Unfortunately, they come unstuck sometimes, so you may need to take extra steps to fasten them securely to hazardous furniture edges.

There are tons of safety products on the market those child-proof areas with various degrees of success. Since your child’s well-being is at stake, go the extra mile and buy the absolute best ones.