Six Easy Woodworking Projects You Can Start Today


Are you interested in starting a woodworking hobby but aren’t sure where to start? Do you want to dive into building things using the basic tools in your shop or garage?

Once you have the tools and have learned the basics, there are a ton of fun wooden projects you can open. From small projects to big projects, there is room for you to get started on any project.

See below for several ideas on how to get started with your easy woodworking projects.

1. Easy Woodworking Projects: Wooden Frame


One of the most popular and easy woodworking projects is the wooden frame. It requires very little in the way of special tools and is accessible to novices. All you need are a few pieces of wood; pick your size and shape according to your preference, then cut the pieces and join them together using wood glue and nails.

You can also sand down the wood for a smooth finish and add a bright color or paint with a design for a more decorative look. Also, adding a piece of glass to the frame will prevent the wood from being scratched, adding years of use.

2. Crafting a Wooden Jewelry Box

Once you’ve gathered all the materials, start by measuring and cutting out the four sides of the jewelry box. Then sand the edges and sides with the sandpaper before gluing the corners together.

Drill holes in the top of the box for hinge attachment, and add decorative touches like engraving or painting to make it unique.

3. Making a Simple Cutting Board

Start by making a cutting template or drawing a cutting shape onto the wood. Once you have the shape and size of your cutting board, cut it out with the saw, sand the edges, and finish as desired.

4. A Birdhouse

Begin by cutting your wood into the desired shape. Secure the pieces together with nails, and make sure to use wood glue when necessary.

To finish, you’ll need to paint and decorate your birdhouse to make it look inviting to birds. You can finish it with some flags, stencils, or other decorations.

5. Build a Shelf

Building a small wooden shelf is a great option if you’re looking for a project that’s easy to complete and requires minimal materials. Start by cutting the plywood into the desired shape and size of the shelf.

Next, drill the holes for the screws and insert the screws into the holes. Finally, sand down the edges and then use stain or paint to give it the desired look.

6. Side Table

To build a table, choose a material like plywood that is pre-cut in width and length. Using a combination of glue, nails, and screws, start building the four sides of the table shape.

Once the sides have been created, fix them firmly to the top to create the whole structure. Varnish or paint protection can be used to coat the outside for a final finish.

Put Your Creative Abilities to Good Use

The six woodworking projects outlined in this article can be started quickly and easily with minimal tools and supplies.

With the help of this detailed guide and content, you can surely develop your easy woodworking projects skills and craft items for your home and for gifting. Try them out today and put your creative abilities to good use.