Top 9 facts that you may not know about Simon Whistler


Simon Whistler is a famous YouTuber and podcast host. He is popular for his YouTube channels where he gives updates about random top ten lists for educational and informational content.

He loves to travel. He travels all over the world and gives posts on his channels. Do you want to know more about Simon Whistler? Check Simon Whistler’s bio, net worth, relationship, facts, etc.

Introducing the famous YouTuber Simon Whistler

Born on 15th May 1987, Simon Whistler is a popular YouTuber who owns eight YouTube Channels. He explores the world and makes vlogs about his travel experience, information snout the place, and other content. His YouTube channel has gained a lot of popularity due to having some engaging and entertaining content there. The journey started in 2015. Till now, he regularly posts on his channels.

Apart from traveling content, he also presents interesting facts about human life, ancient places, animals, movies, etc. You can get a lot of useful content by following his channel. One and each video of Simon gets more than 50 lakh views.


Sumon is one of the most successful YouTube stars who belong to the list of top 10 famous people who were both on 15th May. Apart from that, his exclusive fact-based videos have made him one of the richest YouTuber in the current time.

Shimon Whistler has a unique personality

You can see his intelligence and speaking capability from his YouTube channel. Simon Whistler Wikipedia says he was born in England and used to do a job early in life. However, his job position is still unknown to us.

His videos represent his skill of talking and intelligence to collect information. This nature indicates that Simon was intelligent from his childhood. Simon accomplished a post-graduate diploma in law from a college in England.

Simon Whistler has all the features to be your heartthrob

Simon stands about 6 ft 5-inch and his weight is about 58 kg. Simon has an attractive overall look to impress anyone at the first sight. His hair color is brown. Most of the time he wears a cap on his videos. With light brown eyes with pinkish lips, he can claim himself as one of the best good-looking YouTuber.

He wears spectacles for problems in the eyes. Taurus is his zodiac sign. He stays in the Czech Republic. He keeps his hobbies in traveling, reading books, and watching movies.

Simon Whistler is married

Simon always loves to maintain his private life from the camera. Most of the time he travels to different parts of the world. However, there are some rumors that Simon Whistler is married to his girlfriend. They have a daughter also. The rumor also says that he met his girlfriend in Sri Lanka when doing his job after education.

Simon Whistler has a post-graduate diploma in law

Born and brought up in the southeast part of England, Simon pursued his education in undergrad Business Administration. After completing his graduation, he went for a postgraduate diploma in law. He succeeded there. He worked abroad and then came back to his motherland Czech Republic.

He gained huge success in the profession of a freelance voice-over artist. He finally decided to start something on his own.

Suddenly, he came up with an idea for opening a YouTube channel. In that case, he got coordination from the popular website  Another website was launched with the collaboration of

For having in-depth information and knowledge, those channels started to gain millions of subscribers very soon. He decided to show the biographical contents on this channel.

He turned a move in making comedic business content through the channel business blaze. Apart from that, Simon had worked in many podcasts, merchandise and television also.

Simon Whistler is the right guy for a date

Simon Whistler wiki says he is one of the successful YouTuber. His birthdate is 15th May 1987. So, as of 2021, he is just 32 years old. Most probably he belongs to the list of richest and successful YouTuber currently.

Let’s focus on Simon’s podcasts

Along with a good narrator, Simon is a good podcaster too. His podcasts are available on Spotify and Apple music. The name of the show is ‘ The Simon Whistler Show’ hosted by him.

Just like his Simon Whistler YouTube channels, the podcasts are also entertaining and engaging. People like his podcasting and presenting skills of any specific content.

Simon Whistler become the famous YouTuber

Simon Whistler is one of the famous YouTuber who operates different YouTube channels. His journey to being a successful YouTuber took a lot of time, education. Though, in the early days, these channels were not so popular. But soon, his intelligence, narration, etc have to lead the channels to get a huge success.

TopTenz is his first YouTube channel. As the name suggests, he gives here updates about the top 10. All these videos on are educational and informational. You will find a lot of interesting facts from this channel. The most viewed video on this site is ‘ Top 10 Horrifying Facts about the Roman Legions’. It was a huge success and viewed by 1.1 core people to the current date.

After three years, he opened another channel named TodayIFound out. This channel covers videos on some interesting topics. The video ‘ Where Did Dogs Are Come From’ etc. ‘The Soldier Who Voluntarily Became a Prisoner in Auschwitz’ video has got more than 12 lakh views. This has a great impact on Simon’s career which lead to a huge success very soon.

The YouTube Journey is now at the peak of his career. Now everyone knows him. After a few days, he opened another YouTube channel named Business Blaze. Just like other channels, this channel also covers up interesting facts and knowledge. The subject of this channel is business but the topics are interesting. Some most popular videos on this channel are ’10 inventions that nobody needed’, ’30 Weird Facts about World’s biggest brands, ‘ 10 epic advertising fails, etc’.

Biographies is another channel that covers interesting facts about famous people. Whatever the person is – the evil dictators or scientists,- Biogtaphics can cover up all. ‘Joseph Mengele: The Angel of Death’ was the most popular story from his channel. To get updates about those persons and the facts on their life, you must subscribe to Biographics,’

Geographic – As mentioned earlier, Simon loves to explore the world and collect information from there. Through this channel, he presents any unique place along with its history and present days.

Does it sound interesting?

Megaprojects- This is another channel of Simon Whistler. It looks into the greatest achievements of mankind. This is based on the biggest, structure, projects, and any other. The most popular video on this channel is Lockheed’s AC-130- The Angel of Death. It got more than 3.8 lakh views to date.

Simon Whistler Net worth

Just like his family life, Simon also prefers to maintain privacy on Simon Whistler Net Worth. However, Simon’s main source of income is his YouTube career. He is winning the numbers of fans and subscribers on his channel regularly. He has eight profitable channels on YouTube. So most of his income comes from total views and sponsor ads. As estimated he has nearly $100,000 U.S. dollars net worth.

Final word

Now you know everything about your most favorite YouTuber – Simon Whistler. His excellent presentation, narration, and educational listing have impressed everyone. Along with an impressive personality, he has a mole life for the pets also. Keeps liking his videos on YouTube and subscribes to his channels.


 What is Simon Whistler’s net worth?

The primary source of Simon’s income is YouTube. He has more than 8 YouTube channels. He gives updates here regularly. His video views vary from 1 lakh that goes up to the core. However, he gains more views in some specific channels. As part of the data, he has around $100,000 U.S. dollars net worth.

How many channels does Simon Whistler have?

Simon Whistler is one of the most popular YouTuber. He has different YouTube channels for showing different content. These 8 channels include Today I Found Out, Biographics, Geographics, MegaProjects, etc.

Where is Simon Whistler-based?

The famous YouTuber Simon Whistler celebrates his birthday on 15th May 1987. He is currently 32 years old. He resides in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Does Simon Whistler have a degree?

Simon whistle has a spectacular personality overall. He hosts more than 8 YouTube channels. He travels all over the world to collect content for his channels. He pursued Business Administration during his graduation. After that, he has done a postgraduate law degree.

Does Simon Whistler have a podcast?

Simon Whistler is a famous British YouTuber. He has several YouTube channels. Along with that, he is good at podcasting. His podcasting is available on Spotify and Apple.