Seven Practical Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System


Maintaining your air conditioning system is one of the most effective ways to keep your home functioning. You can do a lot of things to take care of your HVAC system. However, it is better if you follow some smart tips and tricks that help increase the life expectancy of your air conditioning system.

Here are seven practical tips mentioned to help you maintain your air condition system.

  • Remove Debris

You should clean the air filters and get rid of the debris at the start of every summer season. It will help improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. You can use a screwdriver or wrench to remove the fasteners. Once the cage is lifted, you can clean the compressor to ensure that there is no debris or dust left inside it. You can do it simply by hand or with a dry vacuum cleaner.

  • Professional Checkup

You should also get your air conditioning system checked by hiring a professional air conditioning service Pittsburgh PA annually. It will help ensure that the system is operating at optimum performance. The inspection of the air conditioner must include cleaning of coils, cleaning of drain lines, ensuring that the fan is working, checking the filters, checking for leaks, and checking the refrigerator level. All of these tasks can take place one at a time by scheduling regular appointments or it can also be a one-time event.

  • Plants and Bushes

Plants and bushes can cause hurdles in the functioning of an air conditioner. So, you should better clear away all the plants and bushes that are grown around the air conditioner. Otherwise, they can disturb the airflow of the air conditioner that further affects its efficiency.

  • Wiring or Components

You should check the wiring and different components of the air conditioner properly. However, it is better if you shut off the power supply before. You can then remove the panel and examine the interior to ensure that it doesn’t show any signs of burning, melted insulation, and other critical issues.

  • Exterior

The exterior of an air conditioner plays an equally important role. So, you should clear all the debris and dust around the exterior unit. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any blockage, overhanging, or solid objects that cover the exterior unit. It must have enough space to ensure that the air flows around it easily.

  • Cover

You should cover the air conditioning system with a protective sheet once the winter season is over. It will help protect the unit from dust, debris, rust, dead leaves, and a lot of other external elements. It is even better if you remove it and place it in a store.

  • Seals

The seal between the window frame and air conditioning unit must be present in its ideal condition. You should get it inspected before the summer season starts to ensure that the moisture hasn’t damaged it. Otherwise, it can allow the cool air to escape from the home.

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