Saddle Up!: This Is How to Choose the Best Horse Riding Apparel


You’ve always wanted to own a horse, but they require a good amount of money. However, you need not despair! The willing and able equine alternative is right there waiting for you – riding lessons.

While the lessons themselves are usually not too expensive, the horse riding clothes you need can get expensive pretty fast. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best horse riding apparel for your riding adventures!

Let’s get into it!

Focus on Comfort and Fit


The purpose of horseback riding apparel is to help riders feel comfortable and safe. Make sure that the items fit properly so that you are at ease when you are riding. Look for quality materials and breathable fabrics that will help to keep you cool and cozy.

You should also consider the flexibility of the material, as well as the color and design, to ensure it matches your style. Don’t forget to check the seams and stitching of your gear if it will last for a long time.

Additionally, opt for lightweight apparel that will not hinder your movements. Lastly, don’t forget that they should be waterproof so that they will keep you dry in wet conditions.

Choose an Apparel That Offers Protection

If you are an experienced rider, you may want an advanced riding vest and helmet to protect your entire body. These items offer maximum security and will ensure that you stay safe.

For beginners, you may find a lightweight, snug helmet to be more adequate in protecting your head. To those who are just starting their horse riding journey, protective boots, chaps, and gloves are a good idea to reduce the chances of chafing or getting a heel pinched by the saddle.

Furthermore, ensure the apparel fully covers vulnerable areas and is free of any loose strands that could become stuck. Ultimately, always check labels for material, breathability, and weatherproofing before making a purchase.

Think About the Weather

It is essential to pick the best attire for weather conditions. For instance, if you are expecting rain, a waterproof, breathable jacket is a must for keeping out moisture.

Additionally, warm apparel is necessary for cold-weather riding, and untainted fabrics are for summer riding. Depending on your climate and riding location, further protective gear, such as helmets, chaps, and boots, may be recommended.

Go for High Quality Branded Apparel

Quality branded apparel will help keep you comfortable and safe as well as look great. Some of the key considerations to look for include items such as:

  • Made from breathable and weatherproof fabrics
  • Comfortable and supportive boots or shoes
  • Items with well-thought-out design features

Branded apparel will be much more expensive than off-brand items, but it can be worth the investment if you plan on using it regularly.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Horse Riding Apparel

The right riding apparel is essential to staying safe and comfortable while riding. Whether you are an experienced rider or new to the hobby, choose attire that will always prioritize safety when on the back of a horse.

Don’t wait any longer! Start shopping for your new horse riding apparel today.