Roof Shingles Types: 10 Best Types of Roof Shingles


Are you going to replace your roof system? Do you want to install the best roofing system for your house? Then first, you need to know the different names of roof shingles types. In the current market, there is a huge number of different types of roofing systems available but to complete your house and to offer the best and protect the roof for your house only the best type of roofing will help you. at the same time without taking the help of the best roofing items you will not able to give the best finish to your house as well.

Apart from all of these things, if you are only interested to know the different categories of roof shingles types then here in this article we will help you to know about the top 10 best types of roofing systems. By knowing all the information about each one of the types of roof shingles it will be a much easier and hassle-free process to select the best type of all of them. People who are totally unaware of the different types of categories of this particular roofing system will also get the chance to know about all the names of the roofing.

Not only that they will also be able to know the average cost of each one of the roof shingles types. And quickly they will be able to decide which type of roof shingle they should buy for their house and should install immediately according to their budget and preference. However, to provide a full modern outlook to your house only this type of roofing system will play a major and attractive role. Let’s know about each one of the categorized types of roofing shingles in detail.

Some of the names of roof shingles types

Therefore through the help of this paragraph, we will try to know the names of each one of the names of roof shingles types. Therefore, let’s start our discussion by exploring the types of roofing in detail.


1. 3 Tab Asphalt Shingles

The very fast and common option that you can consider for yourself is 3-tab Asphalt shingles. At the same time in the current marketplace, it is another affordable and durable roofing system that you can install for your house. For the replacement of your old roof system or to install a new roofing system this particular type of roofing system will be the best option for selecting. At the same time, this particular roof system is also available in 3 different other tab shingles. Therefore, you can also consider their help before replacing your roof system with another new one. The minimum cost for this particular type of roofing system is $4,286 to $6,429.

2. Architectural Shingles

Besides that, there are other popular and demand able roofing systems that you can also purchase for your house is architectural shingles. It is also very much durable and can help you to get a protected roofing system for your house. Even the cost of this particular roofing system is also very much reasonable. You can choose any one of the best shingles for your house to install. There are also some advantages that are equally available with this architectural roofing system. The advantages are it is very easy to install, multiple colors available, the design of the type is also very gorgeous and it will give its service more than 25 years.

3. Metal Roof Shingles

Another type of roof shingles is the metal roofing system. This is a very attractive and good-looking roofing system that you might consider for your house. Besides that, without having any kind of complications and problems you will easily install the roofing system for your house. The average lifespan of this particular roofing system is between 75 to 100 years.

4. Wood Shingled Roofs

At the same time, the wood shingles roof is another common type of root system that people can also purchase for their houses. This particular roofing system is also categorized into two different other types of shingles. One is wood shake and another one is wood shingles. The cost of this roofing system is also very much reasonable and they are available in square foot. Therefore you can choose the type of wood shingles roof system for your house as well.

5. Wood Shake Roofs

Another common and very demandable roofing system for a house is a wood shake roof system. As we already discussed that it is a particular type of wood shingle that can also offer you long-term durability service for your roof. It can also help you to bring out a rustic look for your house and can increase the overall look of the whole house immediately.

6. Solar Shingles

Besides that, if you are looking for another best and most demandable roofing system for your house then you can choose Solar shingles. It is a modern type of root system that will help you to increase the look of your house in a modern way. But in comparison with the price range, it is quite expensive with the other roofing system.

7. Slate Tile Roofing Shingles

At the same time, the slate tile roofing shingles are another demandable roofing system that can also help your house to look appropriate. But they are very thin and heavy. It will bring out a natural appearance to your house if you make the whole roofing system of your house with slate tile shingles.

8. Rubber Roof Shingles

Not only that, you can also choose the rubber roof shingles for your house and install them. This will also help your house to look in a better and in a perfect way by giving all the advantages. As they are very durable and unique in the product, therefore you can install them easily for your roof system without going through any hassle situations.

9. Composite Plastic Roof Shingles

We have come up with another suggestion for you that you can consider what can select for your house is the composite plastic roof shingles. Particularly this system is made with all the recycling materials. At the same time, it will not bring out any negative impact on the environment. Different types of reasonable prices are also available that can surely fit with your budget and you can have this particular rupees system easily.

10. Tile Roofing Shingles

The last best shingles roofing type for your house is the tile roofing shingles. This particular roofing system is considered one of the most durable systems. The installation of processes is also very easy to follow step-by-step and to get the best look for your house instantly. Moreover, for those people who are looking for a stylish yet durable roofing system for their house, this particular option will be the best for them to go with. However, we have also mentioned the other types of roofing shingles for the house owners that they can also consider for their house.


These are the names of the best roof shingles types and anybody of you can select any one of the particular types for your house to install.