Roof Leak Repair: DIY or Hire Professionals?


Broken or missing shingles, cracked flashing, breaks in the caulk bead, blocked gutters and many other problems could cause leaks on your roof. Noticing those leaks can get you frustrated, knowing that you need to do something about them instead of just ignore them and keep going. Living in a home with a leaky roof is not exactly comfortable, so the part of doing something about it has to be completed as soon as possible. Yet, if you don’t know how to deal with them, you’ll find yourself stuck between two options.

Do it yourself or hire professionals? A decision that’s often not easy to make for most people. Some, however, know exactly what to do right away, either because they understand their own lack of skills and don’t want to bother with trying to do this alone, or because they’re confident they can fix the problem, having done it multiple times before. Being somewhere in between those two scenarios, or perhaps hoping to easily gain the skills you don’t have is what can make the decision difficult.

Should You DIY Roof Leak Repairs?

Engaging in DIY projects is often a method for saving money, which is one of the main reasons why people do it in the first place. There is, however, also the fact that some individuals enjoy the idea of doing something with their own two hands while having fun in the process, which is often seen for painting projects. Roofing repairs, though, are not exactly going to be fun, and doing them alone if you lack the skills will not only be time-consuming and possibly dangerous, but it also won’t result in saving money. Quite on the contrary, you could wind up spending more, as there’s the danger of making things worse while trying to fix the leaks.


If adamant to try it out, though, you should at least learn the basics of how to do it:

Learning those basics, however, won’t be easy and, most of all, it often won’t be enough to help you resolve the problem. Sure, getting tips online is now simply, given that we have access to all the information we need, but theory is one thing, and practice another. Meaning, if you don’t have any kind of experience with repairing leaky roofs, it would be best for you not to plan any kinds of roofing projects. Putting yourself in danger of falls and slips is not worth it, especially if you’re not aware of proper safety measures.

Should You Hire Professionals?

Hiring professionals is the second option, and there are numerous reasons why doing this is much better than engaging in those DIY projects. For one thing, it will be much safer, meaning you won’t put yourself or anyone else in danger, given that professionals will know precisely how to keep themselves well protected and safe while working on your roof. And then, it’s also more convenient, as you will get to simply sit back, relax, and wait for experts to repair the problems for you, returning your home to its previous, comfortable state.

Waiting for a long time to get that comfort again, though, won’t exactly be pleasant. Fortunately, if you hire pros, they’ll get to complete the projects in just one day, or in a few hours, depending on the severity of the issue. On the other hand, doing this alone could take a lot of time, especially if you have never previously done it. Hiring experts will, thus, save you time, and it will also save you money, because they certainly won’t make matters worse – a real danger of doing this alone, given that you lack the proper skills.

Waiting to see if the issue will go away on its own will just lead to further damage to the construction, resulting in you needing roof replacement instead of repair services. Since you’re not an expert, you could be confused on which one you actually need, and hiring professionals will make that clear as well. In any case, both repairs and replacements should be done by professional roofers, as they have the right tools, the right skills and the ability to complete the project as soon as possible, while ensuring great quality.

How To Hire The Right Ones?

Realizing you need to hire roofers, you’ll immediately start searching for those operating in your area, either by using the Internet or by talking to your neighbors and other people who’ve previously had similar issues. Searching for these companies is the first step, and then comparing them in details, while aiming at figuring out which ones are the most reputable, skilled and experienced is the crucial step. Checking out the prices of their services is also important, but keeping quality in mind while doing that will prevent you from hiring experts that charge a low fee but don’t know exactly how to fix your problem. Hire those that know what they’re doing, even if it costs a bit more.