Robolike Review: What is Robolike and how to use it?


Instagram automation has a bad name in the market these days. It is not a secret that the platform is not supportive of automated actions. The main reason is that it wants only “organic” activities from the users.

But let us face the truth, we all use some kind of automation. It is doable, but you have to be smart about the automated services you choose.

One such automation tool that is becoming famous and has caught a lot of attention is Robolike. There are many rumours about this automated growth tool and are not encouraging.

Here in this post, we have mentioned Robolike reviews, which will help you make a better choice. So let us get started.


What is Robolike?

Robolike is an Instagram bot that is simple to use. The company does not hide this and is honest. Unfortunately, honesty does not get your approval.

What does Robolike do?

In simple words, the tool automatically likes your target audience’s posts.

Of course, it has some targeting options and content filters, but nothing more specific. It is a simple, stripped-down auto-liker bot.

As we all know, Instagram does not like bots, and Instagram’s algorithm is quick to detect and action the bot blocks users who use these tools.

Did you know that Robolike is the longest standing auto-liker in the block by Instagram?

No matter how much the company markets about its immune to IG algorithm. However, the rumour of Robolike not working is true. It has been six years since the block, and it does not seem like it is coming back anytime soon.

How does Robolike work?

We all know it does not work anymore. Although the website is working and they accept registration, the software will not work. However, I will still explain everything in this Robolike review.

As mentioned, Robolike is an auto-liker and is very simple and easy to use. It likes the posts of accounts that you are trying to target with your branded hashtags. You can choose how many likes you need per hour. Additionally, the tools also allow you to add filters to avoid inappropriate content.

Robolike was working relatively fine until Instagram decided to crack down on bots. After this crackdown, Robolike was never the same. However, the company was providing services, but it broke down frequently and was laggy.

Even if it starts working again, it is not recommended to use it. Using Robolike will only get your Instagram account blocked.

How to use Robolike?

Using Robolike is very simple and can be complicated at the same time.

All you need to do is, sign up for free to the Robolike websites, enter your IG name, password, and country.

However, now you cannot log in to the website. You will get a message like “login failed” or “unable to find your country.” When this happens, you need to follow the instructions on the page. However, the process is not complex, but it can be a hindrance in using the application.

Robolike Features

Here in this Robolike review, we have mentioned the features of Robolike.

Note: Since this service is not available anymore, you can read the following in past-tense.

  1. Allows you to auto-link

Robolike sends automatic likes to your target audience. This software can add up to 90 likes per hour, and it also allows you to adjust the likes per hour.

The main issue of this feature is that the Instagram algorithm can detect and punish the person who is using the application. There are 100% chances that your account will get blocked or banned.

  1. Targeting

Robolike allows hashtag targeting. All you need to do is, insert niche-specific hashtags, and Robolike will like posts according to the targetted hashtags.

  1. Views and likes are made:

Once you have logged in to the application, it will show you all the latest images that your profile has liked. This transparency is important because you don’t want to get your profile blocked.

  1. Bulk account manager

You can connect multiple Instagram accounts to Robolike. However, you cannot do this directly on their website. You need to email the company and request them to allow you to log in to multiple accounts.

Is Robolike legit?

At this point, I am a little reluctant to say that Robolike is legit. The application does not function, but its website does not notify anyone about this. It allows you to register like the application works. 

Robolike Review: Is Robolike safe?

According to the Robolike review, it is not safe to use Robolike because Instagram has flagged it many times. Using bots will get your account temporarily locked or get your account banned.

In terms of finances, the payment gateway is very safe and secure. Since the website has the HTTPS protocol, it keeps all the data safe, and the payments are verified.

Pros and cons of Robolike


  • They offer a free 3-day trial.
  • The Robolike dashboard is very easy to use.


  • It does not work anymore.
  • It might get your account blocked or banned.
  • Too cheap for genuine services.
  • There are no proper and authentic reviews from users.
  • Ineffective and unauthentic way to grow engagement to your account.

Robolike Review: Conclusion

The important question is, can Robolike nudge your account in the correct direction?

The answer is no because it is not working. Even if the application was working, it is suggested you not use it. The service can compromise your Instagram account.

However, just giving likes is not an effective growth strategy. If you want to boost your account, you need to come up with a more effective approach.

However, some companies help you grow, and Robolike is definitely not the one.

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