Protect Your Trailers And Containers With GPS Trailer Tracking


Cargo theft is a serious problem in the US, with somewhere between $15 – $30 billion dollars being lost every year. Since cargo containers travel such long distances and are left standing still for some periods, they are easy targets for theft.

One of the best things you can do for your business if you’re regularly moving lots of cargo is to use tracking technology. These trackers have many benefits and overall save your business money.

Keep reading to learn more about trailer tracking and how it can benefit your business.

What Is Trailer Tracking?


Trailer or cargo tracking involves installing GPS tracking devices to your cargo transport containers. These containers could go on ships, trains, or trucks. The trailer tracker provides real-time monitoring for the duration of these trips.

When you use the tracking management system you are able to see all your containers and their routes. This has consequences for your business.

Benefits of GPS Trailer Tracking

Most of the benefits of GPS tracking for your fleet have to do with saving your business money. When you need to move cargo across long distances, there are loads of things that can add up and make the cost of transport more expensive. GPS tracking reduces all of them.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of trailer tracking for your business, check out for more information.

Catch Inappropriate Use of Trucks

If drivers are using your vehicles for any means other than getting your cargo from one point to another, you should know about it. This sort of deviation can add up in the long run with delivery delays, cost of gas, and mileage on your trucks.

Alert to Accidents

If drivers aren’t showing up when they’re supposed to, you can look them up on the tracking system. This can help you quickly identify if your drivers are stranded, in an accident, or need to be located.

Gives Data for Efficiency and Productivity Planning

When you can see the exact routes your drivers are going, you can calculate speed, mileage, and gas costs. You can compare these to figure out the best routes your trucks should take to get their deliveries done for the lowest prices.

Plotting routes also makes it easier to see where regular delays or deviations happen. Tracking gives your company the data to figure out if slightly longer routes are worth the cost if it means they reduce crime or delays.

Deter Theft of Cargo

When your containers have alerts that they have trackers inside of them, this deters thieves from targeting your cargo. Thieves don’t target containers with higher security since there’s a higher risk of getting caught.

Get Trailer Tracking for Your Fleet

Trailer tracking keeps your products safe and helps you improve your business. You improve your company’s efficiency, you reduce costs of transport and alert time in emergencies, and you deter theft and irresponsible drivers.

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