How a Product Packaging Can Be the Best Marketing Tool for a New Business


Establishing a new business can be quite complex, especially if you have a small budget. This is the main reason why about 90% of new companies have failed to exist because they cannot win the cutthroat business competition. If your small business has premium quality products to offer, you actually can act smarter by using your product packaging as the best and effective marketing tool. For instance, your product will surely attract more if it’s presented uniquely in pillow packaging boxes. Why and how? Here are the definite reasons to do so.

The first point to be noted here is about the nature of business. Do you know that it is not the strongest one, instead, it is the smartest one that will always win on any competition? Now the nature of business is exactly the same. If you want to strive or even win the tough race, you don’t need to be a business owner with a huge budget amount to make your business strong.

Yes, it is important to have an excellent budget for your business. However, it will be better if you could be smart in arranging your small budget to reach your marketing purposes. Hence, you need to be and act as a smart business owner in designing and managing your marketing strategy.

Good or Bad, Your Product Appearance Influences a Lot

The main thing that you should pay attention to for your marketing purposes is the quality of your product/s and every single detail of it. Starts from the materials or ingredients, the functions offered, the manufacturing processes, and of course, the appearance. If we speaking about the product appearance, we cannot deny that this is an influential thing that can make your targeted audience pay attention to.


Let’s take an example from your own experience. From these two options, which one you often choose to buy:

  1. A product from a famous brand presented in a plain, dull packaging
  2. A product from a new brand displayed in such a catchy packaging design

If your answer is B, then it is wrong at all. The fact is, about 75% of customers often choose products from new or infamous brands due to they were attracted to those products’ presentation when they go for shopping. This is also the main reason why sometimes we would end up buying some products that were actually not included in our shopping list.

Without any doubt, the appearance of your product plays a great role in influencing those customers to choose and buy your product. This will surely benefit your new business as the more your product could captivate customers, the more your business will be extended.

Customers Judge a Book by Its Cover

This is the reality that you need to understand and accept if you wish to strive in the harsh business world. Those customers would observe your product from each detail and angle of it. First, they would take a look at your packaging style, the paper that you use to wrap your product, whether it’s made from the finest paper or not. Then they will discover the detail about your product packed inside from the description written on your packaging, all about the materials, the functions, the instructions, expiry date, and so on.

Finally, they would check out the brand, who was behind this quality product, is it a new brand or a famous one. In this step, even though they would find out that your brand is a newcomer if they have amazed by your product presentation, then nothing can stop them to bring your product home.

Take a look at hundreds of chocolate brands available in the stores for customers to choose from. However, those customers would easily get attracted to chocolate that wrapped in the most beautiful, appealing product packaging such as pillow packaging boxes that present the unique and lovely shape.

Thus, it is fair to say that, when it comes to choose and buy a product, those customers judge a book by its cover.

Extend Your Business As Far As You Could

Once your small business has made it to exist in the market, it will be even harder to maintain its position. This is exactly where you need a stronger, advanced marketing strategy. As an already existing company, you would find many obstacles along the way from other business competitors.

Thinking of the best marketing strategy in this stage, branding purposes should be your main focus. Now you would not only have to think about how you could deliver your product. More than that, you also need to focus on how your product will remain to be the trusted one for those customers that you have attracted, and also for more prospective customers.

This is the time when you have to create a product packaging that will not only sell your product properly but will also extend your business as far as you could. Packing your product in a branded packaging can be the best solution in this case.

If you still wondering what a branded packaging is, it is actually a product packaging that crafted with the most unique and distinct design, along with your brand logo printed on top of it. For example, if you would visit any retail store, you might find hundreds of products packed beautifully in custom pillow boxes.

Your brand that printed on the boxes will be seen not only by a customer who buys your product. Better yet, it will be exposed to the public, starts from the distribution and shipping process, and even on the way, that customer would bring your product home.

In brief, your product along with your company’s name will be exposed widely during those processes. Thus, your business will be extended more than you might have expected before.

Final Words

As a small business owner, never let the business world’s competition threatens and lowers your spirit down. In fact, you could eventually reach your success with a proper marketing strategy with the most effective marketing tool.