Prepare your property for the summer season


The lengthening days and rising temperatures are a sure sign that the fun of the summer months are fast approaching, an enjoyable season during which you can look forward to pool parties, barbecues, and lots more besides. However, your property may have sustained some damage during the harsh winter weather and require some maintenance to ensure that it looks its best when you are entertaining guests at summer parties. Here is a short guide to how you can prepare your property to look and perform at its best for the summer season.

Maintain garden furniture

If you have any garden furniture left outside over the winter season, you should carry out a close inspection to ensure that they are still safe to use and fill in any necessary repairs. Give them a thorough clean with a brush and soap, and water to remove any dirt and garden debris. You might find that some wooden furniture would benefit from being sanded down and having a fresh coat of wood treatment paint to help preserve the wood for an attractive, long-lasting finish. It is a good idea to invest in a tarpaulin cover for any garden furniture that is left outside to help protect it from the elements.

Drain cleaning

Clogged drains are a common problem for homeowners to run into, and during the hot summer months, they can become an unpleasant problem as the heat exacerbates the rot, producing a nasty smell that can cause guests to recoil and not want to attend your summer get-togethers. Try doing a search for cheap drain cleaning near me for experts in cleaning and removing blockages from drains. By carrying out this essential drain maintenance, you and your guests will be able to sit outside and enjoy the scents of summer without being disrupted by invasive, unpleasant drain odors.

Check your air conditioner

If you live in a climate that experiences particularly humid summers, you probably have an air conditioning system installed in your house. As your air conditioning unit is used almost constantly at the height of summer, it can easily sustain wear and tear, so it is important to get it cleaned and professionally serviced before the summer months – no one wants the discomfort of a broken air conditioner during the hottest weeks of the year. Clean the filter yourself by removing them and washing them in lukewarm water. This removes larger lumps of dirt that cause turbulence when the unit is running.

Clean the windows

Clean windows give a house a well-maintained, elegant look and fully enable natural sunlight to enter your home. However, after having been buffeted by bad winter weather, your windows might now be grubby and in need of a clean. Invest in a cleaning solution, like Windolene, to remove tough stains, and make sure that you clean every corner of the window to remove all of the glass. Avoid exerting too much pressure when scrubbing, as this may break the glass.