Everything You Must Know Before Joining Pole Dancing Classes


Are you interested in learning pole dance? Are you planning to join Pole Dancing Classes? If yes, you should know everything before joining this dance class.

As a beginner, which preparation do you need to do? The dresses you wear for Pole Dance, the stuff you carry for it, and the food you eat in snacks before starting classes. All are important.

This article will tell you everything.

What is Pole Dancing?

Pole Dancing is an erotic or sensual dance that gives a full-body workout. It is resistance training and cardio in one. It provides flexibility and improvement as well.


Pole dancers do acrobatic tricks while dangling or propelling around a metal pole. The simple act of just trying to climb a pole shows great strength.

Things to do

Preparation for Pole Dancing class is very important. It would be best to have certain things in your first dance class. Here is a list of must-do things:

1. Dress

Dress is one of the most important things for Pole Dancing classes. What to wear or not, you have to decide. There is a particular dress for pole dance. You need to wear smartly and elegantly.

This dance includes skin exposure, so wear it accordingly. In footwear, you can wear a high heel or perform it barefoot until your studio does not ask about it. Depending on your class instructor.

Also, keeping a knee pad in your class bag is worth taking to prevent knee damage.

2. Carrying stuff

You need to carry a bottle of water, squash, and your flamboyant attitude.

Apart from them, it would help if you also carried a change of clothing according to the weather, a deodorant, a hairbrush, or a handkerchief, etc.

3. Eating stuff

Eat a hearty snack one hour before starting the class. It is necessary for you. You are going to work where you need energy.

So, keep these foodstuffs like a protein bar and a good amount of low carbs to keep your energy level up. Because this is not a class, it is a full-body workout.

Performing polo Dancing will take all your energy—store energy by eating something wholesome.

Things not to do

You have to be prepared for certain things that you should not do. Such as:

  • Don’t apply moisturizer on your class day
  • Don’t wear any jewelry either; you might be injured because of this, so avoid wearing those stuff, or you can also damage the coating of the pole, which is not cheap. It would help if you kept these things in mind.
  • During class, if you do not perform great in your first class, don’t stress about that. It is perfectly fine. You will be graceful and elegant one day. It would help if you thought like that. Everything becomes perfect with time and through practice and dedication. Just listen to what your instructor says and try to follow in the same way.
  • They are there to help you and keep you safe. Don’t rush for anything. Take your time and breathe.
  • There is any reason to join pole dancing classes. You own it. Whether you join it for burning excess fat or fun and building strength, think this is your time and have to grab it.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously while dancing. Just enjoy the movements and be deeply in them. With time you will learn everything.
  • But take your instructor’s suggestions seriously and know your limit.
  • Don’t be shy to ask your instructor for guidance.

Benefits of Pole Dancing

  1. Pole Dancing teaches you to use every generally unused muscle. Your strength increases dramatically.
  2. It also promotes body positivity and increases self-confidence.
  3. Pole dancing is a full-body workout, improving your overall body strength and flexibility.
  4. It is good for cardiovascular health and a great exercise for weight loss.
  5. This dance helps improve sleep quality and mental health.

These are things you have to keep in mind before and after joining your Pole Dancing Classes, which help make your Pole Dancing journey easy and perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to wear to pole dancing class?

You can wear short dresses or tops and shorts that give your skin good exposure and make it comfortable for a dance.

How much are pole dancing classes?

The class’s fee price varies from studio to studio and place to place.

Will pole dancing be too hard for me?

No, but it will be a bit challenging! (Your classmates will have the same worries you do).

What is the right age to sign up for classes?

The sign-up age for pole Dancing classes must be 18 years or older.

Do I need to wear heels to pole dancing classes?

Just like any other activity, Pole Dancing requires special shoes, not ordinary footwear. Pole dancing footwear is designed for the rigors of dance and floor activity.

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