POC CNA Login Procedure


PointClickCare, or POC CNA, is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform commonly used in the healthcare industry for long-term care and senior living facilities. It offers applications and modules to manage resident care, billing, documentation, and other administrative tasks.

Point Click Care App Features

PointClickCare is a proprietary healthcare software platform for long-term and post-acute care providers. Here are some of the main features of the PointClickCare app:

PointClickCare’s EHR system

It allows healthcare providers to track patient health information, such as medication, treatment, and care plans. It lets users view patients’ medical histories, diagnoses, and allergies.

Billing Management


The app has tools for streamlining billing and financial management tasks like electronic claims processing, invoicing, and payment tracking.

Point of Care

The app has a Point of Care (POC) feature that enables healthcare providers to document and access patient information at the bedside, including care plans, vital signs, and clinical notes.

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support systems help healthcare providers make informed decisions about patient care by providing access to up-to-date clinical data, alerts, and reminders.

Quality Measures and Analytics

The app has a quality measures and analytics feature that allows healthcare providers to track and analyze key metrics such as readmission rates, falls, and pressure ulcers. It identifies areas for improvement and optimizes patient care.

Pharmacy Management

The app has pharmacy management tools. It enables providers to manage medication orders, track inventory, and monitor drug interactions.

Staff Management

Healthcare providers can schedule and track employee shifts, manage time and attendance, and monitor performance.

Mobile Access

It is available as a mobile app, which allows access to patient information and manages care on the go.

POC CNA Login Procedure

Contact your employer or the facility’s IT department for guidance to access the CNA app or portal. They will provide you with the necessary login credentials, instructions, and any training required to use the system effectively. Hence you can register and log in by following the procedure below.

Open the App or Portal. Depending on the specific setup at your facility, access the app through a mobile device or log in via a web portal on a computer.

  • Access pointclickcare.com/cna
  • Click create new account
  • Enter organization Code
  • Enter your official email address, user name, password, and other information to be set.
  • Click on register

How to login POC CNA

To log in to the PointClickCare CNA app or portal, you will need the login credentials provided by your department or facility’s IT department.

Obtain Login Credentials

To receive your login credentials, contact your employer, supervisor, or the IT department at your facility. They will provide a username, password, or other required authentication information.

Enter Your Credentials

  • Launch the PointClickCare CNA app or open the login page on the web portal.
  • Enter your assigned details, username, and password.
  • Ensure to enter them accurately, paying attention to any capitalization or special characters.
  • Click “Login” or “Sign In”: After entering your credentials, click the “Login” or “Sign In” button to proceed.
  • The system will verify your information and grant you access if the credentials are correct.

Follow Additional Security Steps

Depending on your facility’s security measures, provide additional authentication, such as a unique code sent to your mobile device or answering security questions.

Access the CNA Dashboard

Upon successful login, you will be directed to the CNA dashboard or home screen within the PointClickCare app or portal. From there, you can access resident information, document care, and perform other tasks assigned to CNAs.

Remember to keep your login credentials confidential and never share them with unauthorized individuals. If you encounter any login issues or have trouble accessing the app, contact your facility’s IT support or designated administrator.


The POC CNA (Point of Care Certified Nursing Assistant) platform offers a variety of tools to assist CNAs in managing patient care effectively. These tools aim to support CNAs in delivering high-quality care, improving efficiency, and enhancing communication and collaboration within the care team. Here are some essential tools provided by POC CNA:

Patient Information Access

CNAs can access essential patient information, including medical history, diagnoses, care plans, allergies, and preferences. This tool enables CNAs to provide personalized care based on a patient’s needs and requirements.

Task Management

POC CNA allows CNAs to manage their daily tasks efficiently. CNAs can view and prioritize their assigned tasks, such as medication administration, vital sign monitoring, hygiene assistance, and mobility support. This tool helps CNAs stay organized and promptly complete all necessary care activities.

Documentation and Charting

CNAs record patient care activities, observations, and patient condition changes. This tool ensures accurate and comprehensive documentation, facilitating better communication among the care team and improving continuity of care.

Communication and Collaboration

POC CNA provides communication tools for seamless collaboration among CNAs, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. CNAs can send and receive messages, share important updates, and communicate critical information related to patient care. This tool promotes efficient and timely communication within the care team.

Vital Signs Monitoring

You can monitor and record vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate. CNAs input these measurements directly into the system, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of patient’s health status.

Educational Resources

POC CNA offers access to educational resources, training modules, and reference materials. CNAs can use these resources to enhance their knowledge, stay updated on best practices, and continue professional development.

Scheduling and Shift Management

Some POC CNA platforms provide scheduling features to view their assigned shifts, manage time-off requests, and communicate scheduling preferences. This tool helps CNAs stay organized and ensures proper staffing coverage.


The POC CNA software is the ultimate long-term solution for timely communication and recording of a resident’s data. By following POC CNA login steps, healthcare providers can track and record resident data effectively, enabling seamless collaboration and enhanced care delivery.