OKR Template Vs. Spreadsheet: Which one is better


As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve efficiency and optimize operations. One area that is often overlooked is goal setting and tracking.

Many businesses still rely on the old-fashioned way of using a spreadsheet to track goals and progress. However, others believe using OKR is the best way. What do you think? It would be unfair to reach a verdict before giving each of them a chance. Let’s have a breakdown of each.

What is an OKR Template?

An OKR template is a simple way to streamline goal setting and tracking for your business. It can help you stay organized and on track with your goals, and it’s also much easier to use than a spreadsheet.

Benefits of Using an OKR Template

  1. You can add or remove goals as needed: With a spreadsheet, you have to manually add or remove goals every time you want to make a change. With an OKR template, you can add or remove goals.
  2. You can track multiple aspects of your goal: A spreadsheet can only track one aspect of your goal (e.g., progress towards completion). With an OKR template, you can track multiple aspects of your goal, such as how well you’re doing in each area and what still needs to be done.
  3. You can see your progress at a glance: A spreadsheet can be hard to read and decipher, especially if you have a lot of data. An OKR template provides a clear overview of your progress to quickly see how well you’re doing.
  4. You can share your progress with others: With a spreadsheet, you have to manually send it to others if you want them to see your progress. With an OKR template, you can share your progress with others with a few clicks.
  5. You can get started quickly: Setting up a spreadsheet can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with it. An OKR template is much easier to use, and you can get started right away.

What Is a Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is a computer application that simulates a paper worksheet where you can enter data, perform calculations, and review your results. Spreadsheets are often used to track goals and progress because they allow you to enter data and perform calculations.


However, spreadsheets have several disadvantages compared to an OKR template, including the fact that they are difficult to use, hard to read, and only allow you to track one aspect of your goal.

How Do I Choose an OKR Template?

When choosing an OKR template, you should keep a few things in mind, such as how easy it is to use, how well it tracks multiple aspects of your goal, and whether it allows you to share your progress with others.

You should also consider the template’s price and whether it includes support or updates.

The Final Verdict

There is no clear winner in the OKR template vs. spreadsheet battle. It all depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking for a simple way to track goals and progress, an OKR template may be the better option. However, if you need more advanced features, such as the ability to track multiple aspects of your goal or share your progress with others, a spreadsheet may be the better choice.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option before deciding. Ultimately, the best goal tracking method is the one that works best for you and your business.