Myths about night creams busted


The idea of beauty sleep has been around since forever! According to science, while we fall asleep, our skin becomes busy regenerating and repairing the skin cells, especially during rapid eye movement or REM.

While it is tempting to crash on the bed after a long hard day, spending a few extra minutes pampering your skin and taking care of yourself daily will make sure you wake up to radiant, glowing skin.

Night creams have been increasingly getting popular for the past few years owing to their ability to nurture your skin and give it a soft glow as you wake up. They are topical beauty creams that are supposed to be applied to your skin before you go to bed. They restore your skin while you sleep, so you wake up to rejuvenated skin every day.

This makes night creams extremely important for effective skincare. However, there are a lot of myths surrounding night creams causing a lot of people to skip this important skincare step. Here is a list of common myths about night creams.


Myth #1: Night and day creams are the same thing

If you’re wondering if you can just use your day cream to moisturize your skin at night, technically, you can. However, it’s not ideally the best for your skin. Day creams tend to be lighter than night creams. They also generally contain SPF to protect the skin from the sun. Sunscreens should ideally be removed at night, or they can clog your pores.

Additionally, you may not get the hydration that your skin requires to restore itself at night. Night creams are designed to provide your skin with the right hydration and replenishment.

Myth #2: You’re too young for night creams

The production of collagen, which is a major building block in the maintenance of nails, hair, and skin, may begin to decrease around the age of 25. Most night creams contain ingredients such as collagen, Vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid that contribute to skin health. Adding a night cream to your regime can help in maintaining a youthful complexion well into your 40s.

Myth #3: Night creams do nothing for your skin

Our skin loses moisture as we sleep. This can cause us to wake up with dry and dehydrated skin and look dull and tired. A rich layer of the thick and heavy night cream formula that is designed to hydrate and support aging skin can make our skin look fresh and plump in the morning and throughout the day.

Myth #4: Night creams only work if they are expensive

While a lot of luxury brands do charge a lot for the name, fancy bottles, and the packaging, they are not necessarily going to have luxurious effects on your skin. When it comes to skin care, price is not the index of quality or effectiveness.

It is very important that you read the label before buying a skin product and pick up a product with a formula that contains quality ingredients and is safe for your skin. Now that we have busted all these myths, you have an idea about night creams and how important they are.

When used regularly, they can do wonders for your skin. So, make sure you clean your face thoroughly every night and put on a layer of this wholesome goodness to your face. If you’re looking to buy a good night cream for yourself, Health & Glow is the perfect stop for you. Health & Glow features an unmatchable range of skin and beauty products for every skin type and to suit every budget.