Miyako Fujitani Biography and Career in Aikido


Miyako Fujitani is a Japanese martial artist and the former wife of Steven Seagal, an American actor, producer, and martial artist. Born on December 4, 1952, in Osaka, Japan, she is renowned for her expertise in Aikido.

Miyako Fujitani Biography

Miyako comes from a family deeply rooted in martial arts. Her father was a renowned Aikido practitioner and instructor, which influenced her early exposure and training in Aikido.

Full Name Miyako Fujitani
Date of Birth February 3, 1952
Current Age 70 years old
Place of Birth Osaka, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Profession Martial Arts Instructor
Net Worth 1 milliondollars
Height 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Horoscope Aquarius
Ethnicity Asian

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Marriage Life

In 1974, Miyako married Aikido practitioner and instructor Steven Seagal. The couple moved to the United States, where Seagal pursued his career in acting and further popularized Aikido through his action films.


However, their marriage faced difficulties, and they divorced in 1986. After their divorce, Miyako returned to Japan and continued her dedication to Aikido. She focused on teaching and promoting martial art through her dojo.

She has remained relatively private about her personal life following her divorce from Steven Seagal. She has continued to teach Aikido and has gained a reputation as a skilled instructor and practitioner in the Aikido community.

Miyako Fujitani family

Miyako and Steven Seagal have two children together:

1. Kentaro Seagal

Kentaro was born on October 3, 1975. He has appeared in a few films, including “Death Trance” (2005) and Pî-Pî kyodai (2001).

2. Ayako Fujitani

Ayako Fujitani was born on December 7, 1979. Like her brother, she is also involved in the entertainment industry. Ayako is an actress and author known for her performances in films such as “Man from Reno” (2014) and “Tokyo!” (2008).

Both Kentaro Seagal and Ayako Fujitani have pursued careers in the arts, showcasing their talents and creativity in various forms. While their parents’ divorce led to a change in their family dynamics, they have continued to make their paths in the entertainment industry.

Career in Aikido

Fujitani’s primary career has been in Aikido, a Japanese martial art. She dedicated herself to mastering Aikido from a young age and became a highly skilled practitioner. She achieved the rank of 1st-degree black belt, which demonstrates her expertise and proficiency in martial art.

She is known for her teaching and instructional work in Aikido. She established her own Aikido dojo (training hall) called the Tenshin Dojo in Osaka, Japan. She has trained and mentored numerous students through her dojo, sharing her knowledge and skills in Aikido with others.

As an instructor, she is respected within the Aikido community and has significantly contributed to promoting and developing martial arts.

While her professional focus has primarily been on Aikido, she has supported her former husband, Steven Seagal, in his acting career. However, her career and accomplishments centre around her dedication to Aikido and her role as an instructor in martial art.


Miyako Fujitani is a Japanese martial artist and former wife of Steven Seagal. She dedicated herself to the practice and teaching of Aikido, achieving a high rank of 1st-degree black belt. She established her own Aikido dojo in Osaka, where she trained students and contributed to the promotion and development of martial art.

While she has had a connection to the entertainment industry through her former husband and her children’s careers, her primary focus and accomplishments lie in the realm of Aikido.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Who is Miyako Fujitani?

Miyako is a Japanese martial artist and former wife of Steven Seagal. She is known for her expertise in Aikido and her contributions to the martial arts community.

What is Miyako Fujitani’s background in Aikido?

Her background in Aikido stems from her father, a prominent practitioner and instructor. She began training in Aikido at a young age and developed her skills, eventually becoming a respected practitioner and instructor.

Who is Miyako Fujitani’s husband?

Miyako Fujitani was married to Steven Seagal.

When did Miyako and Steven Seagal get divorced?

The duo divorced in 1986.

Did Miyako Fujitani and Steven Seagal have children together?

Yes, they have two children together. Their names are Kentaro Seagal, born on October 3, 1975, and Ayako Fujitani, born on December 7, 1979.

What rank did she achieve in Aikido?

She got the rank of 1st-degree black belt in Aikido, showcasing her high level of skill and proficiency in martial art.