Mix Fashion and Athletic Outfits with These Tips


Since Covid hit us and forced us to take a working vacation, more and more people have discovered the joys of athleisure and activewear! Although many of us are no longer working from home, it’s perfectly possible to mix fashion and athletic outfits to look both sporty and smart like in golf.

Whether you’re headed to the office or the mall, going into a meeting or out for coffee, mixing and matching your outfits can create an almost endless variety of designer options.

Here are our top tips for mixing, matching, and getting your sporty fashion look right.

Tip #1: Choose Colors Carefully

Color can make or break an outfit. Before anyone even gets close enough to see the layers and textures of your outfit, they can spot your colors from miles away.

A neutral base with a pop of color is always a winning combo. Choosing a shirt and leggings in black, grays and white is a classic look, and you can add something colorful like a scarf, bucket hat, shoes or bag.

If you’d rather go brighter, pick your colors carefully. Complementary colors work but are very bold and make a statement. Try new and different combinations – sometimes, things don’t necessarily “match”, but they “go”.

For example, going for “matching” complementary colors may have you wearing bright yellow and a lighter blue. This is an eye-catching combination! But choosing colors that “go”, could be something unexpected – like light purple and a darker blue.

Play around with your colors, and make sure you always check the mirror before leaving!

Tip #2: Mix Your Materials

The material your clothing is made of can be a statement in itself. Choosing clothing items all made of the same material can look a little like you’re wearing a black bag, even if you’ve got some different colors in there.

Something as simple as wearing different materials can change up your whole look. For example, a denim jacket over a cotton shirt is already two different materials that look completely individual.

Don’t overdo it, though. Stick to two, maybe three different materials, not seven! You don’t want to look like you couldn’t decide what to wear.

Tip #3: Accessories Are In

Fashion isn’t just about what clothing items you’re wearing. Your accessories can say just as much about you as your clothes do.

Jewelry is a great way to add a bit of fanciness to a sporty look. Choosing a sports duffle bag or backpack instead of a handbag does the opposite and adds some sportiness to a more formal look.

Accessories are many and varied. They can include:

  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Necklaces
  • Scarves
  • Bags and clutches
  • Rings and bracelets
  • Belts

Brightly colored accessories can be a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit. In the same way, a neutral accessory can tone down a bright outfit.

You can sport up your look by wearing a baseball cap or sporting sunglasses with a fashionable outfit. Or zoot up your casual look by adding some fancy jewelry.

Tip #4: Texture Can Be a Statement

This can go hand in hand with the materials you choose to wear, as each one has its own unique texture.

As an example, a thick woolen sweater would look great with a pair of smooth, simple leggings. The texture of the wool stands out against the plain leggings. On the other hand, the same sweater would not look as great with a pair of corduroy leggings, as there’s just too much interesting texture competing for attention.

Pairing one interesting texture with other smooth textures is the best way to go.

Tip #5: Layer Your Look

Layering can do a lot to improve your fashion and athletic look. Instead of a simple shirt, pants and shoes, a bit of layering can add some interest to your look.

Just like textures, the key is to not overdo it. Something more simple can stand out and make more of a statement.

A jacket over a shirt is always a winner. Try to choose one plain and one textured or patterned. If you prefer something different, a scarf is a fantastic way to layer subtly.

Other ways you can layer lightly include adding a chunky necklace over your shirt, a waist belt over a sporty top, or a skirt over a pair of leggings.

Tip #6: Don’t Overdo the Logos

We all have our favorite brands, and wearing brand name clothing is a great way to introduce some athletic influence into your fashion. But overdoing it with the logos is a sure way to kill your style.

A logo should be like an accessory and stand out, making a statement. We recommend choosing a single logo and sticking with that for your outfit. Mixing more than one brand logo can look like you’re unsure of what you like!

Also, don’t wear too many of the same logo in the same outfit. For example, a branded shirt and hat are great, but don’t wear a branded shirt, leggings, shoes, and hat, unless the logos are small and less conspicuous.

You could mix one sporty logo and one fashion logo, such as Gucci and Nike. This could be an exception to the “no mixing logos” rule. Two or more sporting logos or fashion brands could be overdoing it, but one of each balances out.

Tip #7: Sneakers Go With Anything

Sneakers just work. If you don’t already own a pair or a few, go out and get some! They come in a huge variety of styles, some of which are more sporty and some are more designer.

If you want to add some fashion style to an already sporting outfit, wear a pair of platform sneakers. To add a splash of sporty influence to a smart outfit, a brightly colored pair of sneakers can create a casual feel.

Sneakers are also a good way of adding a dash of color to a neutral outfit.


It’s easy to mix fashion and athletic outfits to create a smart casual look for any situation!

If you keep just one thing in mind, it should be this: less is more. Be strategic with your colors, textures, materials, and layers!

Using these tips will allow you to create a multitude of unique, stylish fashionable sporty looks. Your wardrobe will suddenly seem twice as large!

Remember to add a little something to make your outfit “you”!