6 Reasons why you should get a Mini Trampoline for rebounding right away!


During the COVID-era, we have started spending a lot of time at home, so it is really important to stay fit and healthy. Since all the fitness centers and gyms are closed, people have started exercising at home. So, there is a huge demand for fitness equipment. Since you are making a lifetime investment, it is important to choose the right machine to workout at home.

Many people think running on a treadmill is the best way to stay fit, but is it really helpful and worth it? A study by the American Council on Exercise states that jumping on a mini trampoline for less than 30 minutes is equal to running on a treadmill. Jumping is more fun and relaxing.

Benefits of using a rebounder

If you plan on getting workout equipment for your home, here are some benefits of using a rebounder.

Less Stress, More Impact

There is a myth that running helps us to stay fit. Experts say that since running is a high-impact exercise, it can cause ortho injuries and be stressful for the joints. On the other hand, jumping on a mini trampoline has less impact on the joints and takes the pressure off your knees. Since you jump on a soft surface, no stress or strain is caused to the joints.

Rebounding provides better results

Experts say that 5 minutes of non-stop and dedicated rebounding is equal to running one mile on a treadmill. Do you like running? Rebounding on a mini trampoline is more fun and relaxing. Good news! Jumping on a mini trampoline helps to burn more fat than running on a treadmill. Jumping is also a little less exhausting than running.

Less Damage to the joints

Jumping on a rebounder can be repetitive, but your treadmill cannot provide the feeling of joy and weightlessness you experience. Running on a treadmill not only damages the joints but also strains the cardiovascular vessels in your body.

Lightweight and easy to store

Mini-Trampolines are lightweight and can be kept in any part of the house without much trouble. Unlike treadmills, your rebounder does not cover up so much of place. Mini-trampolines can be moved from one place to another, while carrying a treadmill can be back-breaking.


Mini-trampoline is also pocket-friendly. You can get the high-quality mini trampolines at are lowest budget-friendly prices while buying the treadmill at the lowest price, resulting in frequent wear and tear of the equipment.

Have fun with your whole family

Bonus point! Mini-trampolines are a one-time investment for the whole family. Rebounding is the best exercise recommended for all age groups- from kids to older people.

Safety Measures While Using a Mini-Trampoline

Even though mini trampoline is one of the best sources of exercise, it can also be dangerous. Here is a list of a few safety measures that you need to keep in mind before using the rebounder.

  1. Jumping on a rebounder is not recommended for children below the age of 5.
  2. It is recommended to allow only one person to jump at a time.
  3. Spend more time choosing the best and safe place to put your mini trampoline.
  4. Ensure you do not place your trampoline on a hard surface without having a safety net or crash mats in place.
  5. It is recommended that you not perform any stunts like flip while jumping on a mini trampoline.
  6. Ensure you buy a circular mini trampoline because rectangular mini trampolines provide high bounces, resulting in bone injuries.