10 Handy Tips for the Perfect Leather Bags Online for Ladies

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It’s a proven fact that women can’t survive without handbags. Handbags are the quintessential fashion accessories that every woman adores. Whether it is a casual day out with your friends or a regular office day, handbags act as your go-to accessory. It would be unwise to relegate handbags as a mere showpiece. They are functional pieces, which look absolutely gorgeous with any outfit.

A good handbag can make up for lackluster attire. If you are feeling gloomy or dull while going out, pick out the brightest handbag, and see your mood transform instantly. The material of the handbag is as important as its style. Instead of going blindly for showy pieces, invest in a bag that will last for a long time and is also beautiful. As it has become difficult to go out during the pandemic, you can easily find leather bags online from any leading shopping website.

Before looking for a leather bag online, you need to know a few things. The first thing is the quality and type of leather. If you own a leather bag, you know that all leather bags are not the same. Knowing the quality and type of bag will make you aware of what to buy.

What are the different types of leather?

The labels on handbags can seem confusing at times. Each leather type is unique and needs special care. So, if you know the different types of leather, you will be able to care for your bags in a better way. Here are some of the most popular types of leather.

  1. Cowhide: Cowhide is durable and thicker than other leathers. It is sourced from cows and provides better resistance against wear and tear. The better quality makes this leather a tad bit more expensive than others.
  2. Lambskin: If you want something smooth and soft, lambskin is a perfect choice. Although it is weaker than cowhide, it has a soft sheen that looks attractive for bags.
  3. Pebbled: This type of leather has a textured surface that is usually bumpy. The pebbled leather is good for bags as it provides texture and durability. It is also resistant to scratches.
  4. Suede: You can identify suede leather by its matte finish. Although it looks like velvet, the texture is a lot different from actual velvet. It is the most delicate leather and requires high maintenance. If you want a statement bag, then suede is the best pick.
  5. Smooth leather: Smooth leather has no texture apart from a creamy finish. It feels soft and has light shine. As it scratches easily, you can’t use it every day.

Top 10 tips for finding the best leather bags online

Finding a perfect leather bag online can seem like a daunting task. First of all, you can’t feel the material. Then there is the risk of buying the wrong shade as online pictures can be deceiving. To help you buy the best leather bag online, we have chosen the best tips for you.

Check the details for the type of leather

It is extremely necessary to check the information. When you know the type of leather, you will be able to care for it properly. The type of leather will also give you a fair idea about its durability. As you would be spending a heavy amount on the bags, you need to be double sure that the quality is up to the mark.

Inspect the pictures minutely to identify faux leather

Sometimes manufacturers of handbags sell faux leather at high prices to fool the customers. You need to be cautious while buying a handbag online, as you might end up with a faux leather handbag. Look for the shine and texture of the material. Faux leather has an unnatural and bright shine, but real leather has a natural shine. It also gets damaged easily.

Understand your leather

Before going to buy a leather handbag, you need to know the different types of leather and their care instructions. Each leather type is different and thus needs special care. Whether it is suede, cowhide, or lambskin, you need to be double sure about the type of leather you are going to purchase.

Fix a budget and stick to it

It gets tempting to splurge everything on a single bag. But, you need to control your emotions and buy within a fixed budget. Overspending will make you susceptible to fraudulent products, and it will also hurt more when the product doesn’t meet your expectations. Leather bags are very costly, so resist the temptation to buy every beautiful bag you come across.

Decide the purpose of the handbag

Totes and roomy shoulder bags are good for everyday use. On the other hand, clutches and wallets are for special occasions. Decide in your head, what you will be using the bag for. if you have more requirements, opt for roomier bags.

If you are buying a designer handbag, check the resale value

Designer bags are a good investment as they give good returns. You can use a branded handbag for a year and then resell it. Check the resale value to buy the bag that will give you the highest profits. Look for the most popular styles as it would be easier to sell them.

Select the color carefully

The color of the bag can make a big impact on your overall appearance. Choose neutral shades for everyday purpose and vibrant shades for casual days. Don’t mix colors often as they can create noise without enhancing your attire.

Be brand conscious

You cannot expect good quality leather from an average brand. Big brands give the best quality leather as they are more answerable to people. Decide which brand is more suitable for you and plan accordingly. Fix a budget while buying a handbag so that you will stick to the one brand.

Understand your body type

Smaller frames require medium-sized bags. If you have a thin frame, avoid oversized bags as they can steal the spotlight from you. For petite women, any bag would be fine. Make sure that you try out a few bags before making the final buy.

  1. Check the stitch and sewing pattern

Some bags have irregular stitching pattern. That shows that the bags are faulty and made from faux leather. The quality of sewing is important as a badly stitched purse will fall apart easily.

Finding leather bags online is easy if you follow the above tips. A beautiful leather bag will become your best friend, and you will fall in love with its feel. Make sure to read the instructions properly and take care of your bag in every season. With the right amount of care, a leather bag will last for many years.