Learn These 8 Key Signs of Rats in Your Home


Did you know that there are more than 70 species of rats? Although these pests are not uncommon in most areas, you don’t want them to be in your home.

Moreover, the one type of rat that lives in buildings like your home can spread a number of diseases. Below, we discuss the most common signs of rats in your home.

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1. Noises in the Walls and Ceiling


Noises in the walls and ceilings are a key sign of rats living in your home. Rats are known to scurry through walls and make loud scratching noises.

If you hear these sounds in the walls or ceiling, it’s an indication that there are rats nesting in your home. It can also mean that they are getting ready to move in and start building their nests.

2. Gnawing on Wires and Wood

Rats in your home can be very dangerous. You may not know they are present, but one of the most obvious signs of a rat infestation is gnawed wires and wood.

They have incisor teeth that never stop growing, so they will gnaw on whatever objects are available to keep their teeth worn down.

If you discover that these materials, like wooden beams and electrical cables, are worn down, or chewed up, or you can identify traces of teeth marks, it is most likely a rat that has done it.

It is best to contact professional pest control services, as rats can spread diseases, like fur mites, salmonella, and bubonic plague. and can cause major damage to your property.

Taking preventive steps to keep rodents away from your home, like removing food sources, will help minimize the chances of a rat infestation.

3. Spotted Droppings 

Rat droppings are dark and cylindrical in shape and are usually found clustering or near nesting areas or found near a food source. It measures anywhere from one-quarter inch to three-quarters of an inch in length and has a slightly pointed tip.

If spotting droppings, it is important to take action as soon as possible as this could mean there are larger infestations within the walls of your home.

4. Spotted Urine Odors

Rats have a strong proclivity to mark their territory by releasing their urine everywhere. As a result, if you think you have rats in your home, you should keep an eye out for signs of spotted urine odors.

These odors can present themselves in the form of a musty or sweet, ammonia-like spectrum of smells. In addition, you may notice a foul odor in areas where rats tend to hide, like wall voids and in your attic, or even along the foundation of your home.

The more urine a rat produces, the easier it is to determine if you have an infestation on your property.

5. Running Around the Walls or Under Furniture

Rats may have natural tendencies to stay out of sight, but signs of them running around the walls or under furniture are sure to sign your home is infested.

Rats often run around walls for various reasons, such as exploring new territory, tracking scents, and general exploration. Running around walls also allows rats to make use of crevices, nooks, and other hiding spots.

Additionally, rats will often run around underneath furniture to avoid open spaces. This type of activity is a sign that your home is being overrun by one or more rats.

If you see a rat running along the walls or under furniture, it’s important to take action right away to rid your home of the infestation before the problem gets worse.

6. Nesting Materials

Rats use a wide range of materials to build their nests, including insulation, paper, fabric, and other bits of debris from around the home. Rat nests can be found inside walls, in attics, beneath floorboards, and in other tight, enclosed places.

Noticing piles of old newspaper, fabric, or other debris that could be used as nesting material is a sure sign that you have rats in your home.

If you do find signs of nesting material, it is important to take action to remove the nesting material and eliminate the rat infestation.

7. Presence of Rat Burrows Outside the Home

The presence of rat burrows outside a home can be a telltale sign that a rat infestation is present. This is due to the fact that most rats build nests and burrows around the perimeter of buildings, such as those found outside a home.

Rat burrows have an entrance and exit, allowing the rat to enter and exit the burrow throughout the day. The presence of rat burrows outside the home should be a warning sign that there could be a current, or soon-to-be, rat infestation inside the home.

Homeowners should also take steps to make their property less appealing to rats, such as making sure there is no garbage or open food sources and fixing any structural weaknesses that can act as an entry point.

Ignoring these signs of rat burrows outside the home can end up leading to an infestation.

8. Seeing Dead Rats 

When dead rats are found in the home, it is important to identify the species so the right extermination plan can be developed. Dead rats can often be identified based on size, color, and other distinctive characteristics.

Seeing dead rats might be the first sign of an infestation- if a rat has already died, there are likely others in the home. It is important to contact a professional right away, as dead rats can present health hazards.

Not only can dead rats contain infectious diseases, but they can also attract other scavengers, such as flies and rodents.

Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Rats in Your Home

Rats can carry diseases, damage property and be a nuisance to homeowners. Keeping an eye out for signs of rats is important to protect your family and your home.

Do a regular check for signs like droppings, tracks or gnaw marks. If you suspect a rat infestation, contact a pest control professional and take action quickly.

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