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Are you tired of the traditional ways of learning and teaching? Do you want to revolutionize how education works in a digital age? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what has to offer, how it benefits education as a whole, and why you should consider using it for your academic pursuits. Get ready for an exciting journey into the future of online learning! – what is it? redirect to A logo is displayed with the name of Classroomscreen. The web page contains a form to enter the valid code and click “go.”

Classroomscreen is an interactive web application designed to help students with their classes and increase classroom participation. What is it? is a virtual tool for teachers to enhance their classroom activities. It offers a range of features to display on a classroom screen, such as timers, random name pickers, a noise level meter, a whiteboard, and more. The site provides customizable backgrounds and sound effects.


The tool is designed to help teachers manage their classrooms more effectively and engage students. You can use it in a traditional classroom setting and for remote learning. Teachers can create a personalized dashboard with their preferred features. is free to use and does not require any registration. However, the site offers a premium version with additional features, such as saving and sharing your custom dashboard with others.

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Teachers can choose and adjust the features they want to display and adjust them to meet their specific needs. offers a range of features to display on a classroom screen, as follows:

  1. Timer: A timer feature can set count up or down with customizable colors and sounds.
  2. Random Name Picker: A feature to randomly select a name from a list of students to assign tasks or ask questions.
  3. Noise Level Meter: A visual display for students to monitor and control the noise level in the classroom.
  4. Whiteboard: An interactive whiteboard to display images, write notes, and draw diagrams.
  5. Exit Poll: A feature for teachers to get student feedback at the end of a lesson or activity.
  6. QR Code Generator: A tool to generate QR codes for students to access information or resources.
  7. Traffic Light: A visual display to indicate whether students should continue working or stop and listen.
  8. Random Word Chooser: A feature to randomly select a word from a list for generating discussion or writing prompts.
  9. Calculator: A basic calculator feature for math lessons.

Benefits is a useful tool for teachers looking to improve classroom management, increase student engagement, and enhance the learning experience for their students.

1. Improved classroom management

Teachers can manage their classrooms more effectively, such as timers, noise level meters, and random name pickers.

2. Increased student engagement

The customizable backgrounds, sound effects, and interactive whiteboard make lessons more engaging for students, leading to increased participation and retention of information.

3. Flexibility is a versatile tool for teachers. They can use it in traditional and remote learning settings, making it a versatile tool for teachers.

4. Customization

Teachers can create a personalized dashboard with their preferred features and save them for future use.

5. Easy to use is user-friendly and does not require registration, making it easy for teachers to access and utilize the tool quickly.

6. Cost-effective

The basic version of is free to use, which helps teachers to save money on classroom management and engagement tools.

Joincrs Reviews has no reviews on Google, YouTube, Facebook, or App Store. However, has many positive reviews. Teachers will find it useful in teaching students more visually.

Conclusion is a legitimate site. It is secure to use based on the above review and technical aspects. So why wait? Sign up for today and start transforming your educational journey! With by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.