Investing Wisely – Avoiding Common Mistakes in Commercial Landscape Care


Why investing in commercial landscape care should be a priority and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Diligent commercial landscape maintenance of your business’s curb appeal and outdoor spaces conveys volumes to customers before they even step inside your doors. Yet when companies neglect their exterior landscapes to cut costs, they often incur far greater expenses over time in property value, perception issues, and urgent replacement needs.

When done right, professional landscape care is an investment that boosts your bottom line through positive first impressions and improved employee satisfaction. What landscape management strategies should your business focus on?

The High Cost of Neglect

It is easy for business owners to overlook their outdoor spaces when facing pressing internal demands. However, inferior landscaping conveys mismanagement to visitors and employees. Weeds, pest infestations, yellowed grass, overgrown plants, and cluttered exterior areas indicate potential corners cut on less visible business practices.


Beyond appearances, poor landscaping incurs tangible expenses:

  • Curb appeal diminishes along with first impressions, reducing the favorable impact on potential customers. This directly decreases conversions and profitability.
  • Property value may plunge without an aesthetically pleasing, functional environment surrounding the building.
  • Employees experience lower morale and productivity when greeted by an unkempt outdoor area on breaks and commutes.

In contrast, companies who actively invest in excellent commercial landscaping reap financial benefits through an enhanced reputation and increased employee satisfaction. What issues trip many businesses up when they do allot resources to their landscapes? Note these common errors:

Top Commercial Landscaping Mistakes

1. Sporadic Maintenance

It’s not enough to spruce up your business’ lawn pre-grand opening or only when the weeds become unbearable. Consistent landscape maintenance should occur year-round.

When you cut back on routine care, noticeable degradation happens quickly with undernourished plants, invasive weeds, pruning needs, disease susceptibility, and more. Get on an annual plan.

2. Disregard for Soil Health

Your landscapes are only as vigorous as the soil that feeds them. Neglect this foundation, and plants diminish no matter how much fertilizer you supply. Ensure your soil pH and nutrient levels get tested regularly. Then amend and enrich appropriately for optimal plant health.

3. Poor Irrigation Practices

It’s shockingly easy to over or underwater. Both extremes cause substantial plant damage and water waste. Install smart irrigation controllers to self-adjust based on weather changes. And upgrade to high-efficiency equipment.

4. Incompatible Plant Selections

positioning matters beyond picking plants suited to your environment’s sunlight, climate, spacing restraints, and soil. Also strategically place plants with matching needs together for streamlined care. Similarly, preventing invasive varieties from taking over more vulnerable ones saves you intensive maintenance.

5. Insufficient Pest Management

Pest infestations don’t resolve themselves, and the longer you wait, the costlier the damage. Start preventatively with appropriate pest-resistant plants with natural defenses.

Be vigilant about monitoring for threats through consistent inspections. And have an eco-friendly pest management plan ready for rapid response rather than reactionary habits.

Strategic Investments for Future Success

As witnessed, commercial landscape care when done haphazardly pulls resources and distracts from your core business functions. Yet meticulous attention to lawn care bolsters perception, retention, satisfaction, and your bottom line. The smartest investments include:

Seeking Professional Guidance

Specialized commercial landscapers possess the expertise to audit your needs, create sustainability plans, handle installation, and monitor your landscape’s health through regular maintenance. Let the pros protect your property value while you focus on company priorities. Thoroughly vet providers first, and ensure you understand exactly what’s covered.

●  Developing a Comprehensive Landscape Care Strategy

Cookie-cutter lawn care won’t cut it. The most effective investments come from tailored plans reflecting your business environment’s unique challenges, soil, square footage, and selection of plant life. Qualified landscape designers help you balance aesthetics with pragmatic land use for spaces enhancing your brand and delighting visitors.


When cultivated intentionally over time, your business’s curb appeal and green spaces cultivate lasting value making meaningful impressions across your customer and employee network.

Pay attention before the creeping issues take root! By avoiding these common landscaping pitfalls, your brand’s grounds can flourish as a worthwhile investment in positive perceptions across every level. Reach out to commercial landscape maintenance professionals to get started. Your business landscape awaits its fullest potential!