Implant Overdenture: 5 Major Types to Know


Presently there are numerous people who are suffering from different kinds of oral health-related problems. Even mostly the older people of a family face numerous problems regarding their teeth, gum, and oral health. A maximum number of older people face the common problem of losing their teeth. And when they have already lost a lot of their teeth, it becomes very difficult thing for them to talk, laugh and eat. Therefore, by taking the advantage of implant overdenture those people can solve their problems.

For people who are lost more than a lot of teeth even if they lost the whole teeth line in their oral health implant overdenture is the best treatment. However, after observing the condition of your oral health the dentist will suggest any one of the types of overdenture. There are mainly 5 types of overdenture that you need to know. And before getting any one of them, at first, you need to know the names of the types and what they actually do inside of oral health. Today with the help of this article, we are going to elaborate on each one of the types of overdenture in detail. Let’s find out the names in detail.

What are the types of implant overdenture?

If you do not know about the names of the overdenture implant then quickly find out all of the names here in this paragraph.

1. Implant-Supported Overdentures

It is the first type of dental implant that is required for those patients who are already lost more than 5 or 6 teeth in their oral health. And by taking the help of this quick implantation in your oral health, it can provide full strength and support to the whole jawbone. At the same time, the treatment will also help a very strong stability to the whole oral health. In fact, it will also help to increase the appearance of the teeth as well.


2. Fixed Implant-Supported Overdenture

The second implantation name is the fixed implant-supported overdenture and this treatment is needed when a patient wants to remove a particular tooth from their gum line. Besides that, the replacement is locked by particular screws which the patients will not able to open by themselves without taking the assistance of the dentist. To give full support to the artificial teeth besides other teeth is important to take the help of the implantation with the attached screws.

3. Bar Retained Implant-Supported Overdentures

The third best type of implantation name is the bar-retained implant supported. And it is a type of treatment that comes in a bar attachment with a clip. At the same time, the patient can take off and again place the clip in its position without facing any problems. It is a more secure and supported treatment for oral health in comparison with any other treatment or implantation. However, before going to sleep or cleaning, people can remove the clip very easily.

4. Ball Retained Implant-Supported Overdentures

Another name of the implantation is the ball retained implant supported overdenture. It comes in a shape of a ball that gives full protection and support where needed for the replacement of 2 or 4 teeth in your jaw line. At the same time, the treatment also provides all of the support and stability to the gum line. And it also improves the functionality of oral health.

5. Overdenture Partials

The last type of implantation is the overdenture partials. It is a type of implantation needed for the patient who lost A few teeth in their oral health. Typically this implantation comes with removable including some drawbacks. And the drawbacks provide full support to the neighboring tooth in oral health. This type of implantation actually offers all the benefits that a full implantation does. At the same time, it replaces tooth roots and the clip takes the position.

Step-by-step procedure of implant overdenture

Now here is the time to know the step-by-step process of the implantation before you take the service.

1. Consultation

The treatment starts with the process of consultation with your dentist. By observing your oral health condition of yours the dentist will suggest one type of implantation. The dentist will also provide all of the necessary guidelines before starting the treatment on you. And you will also get to know all of the positive and negative sides of the treatment as well.

2. Implant placement

After that, the treatment goes to the implant placement step. Particularly, this step includes a lot of local anesthetics to numb the position. Besides that, the dentist takes the help of a 3D surgical guide to find out the appropriate position to do the implantation. In fact, the dentist will also take the help of titanium to attach a lot of screws to the jawbone. At the same time, the dentist also takes the help of stitches to heal the area.

3. Healing process

The healing process takes a lot of time probably it can take between 3 to 6 months before starting the implantation procedure on you. Therefore, the patients will have to wait for the whole to start the implantation.

4. Healing cap

After the healing of the patient, the dentist will simply place a cap on the position. This step will be done just to expose the implants to oral health according to this expert dentist in Lake Jackson.

5. Impression

Later in the step, the dentist will find out the impression of the cab inside of your oral health. By scanning the status of your oral health the dentist will simply get to know the condition of the implantation.

6. Insertion

And after getting the report of the scanning of your implantation the dentist will start the immediate and last step of the implantation. By inserting the artificial teeth in place the dentist will finish the whole procedure of the implantation. And at the end of the day and the patient will get the result of taking the help of implantation of oral health.


Therefore, these are the top five major types of implant overdenture. And you can take any one of the benefits of the treatment according to the health of your oral condition.