Ideas for Negative Keywords – For Boosting Amazon PPC Marketing


The concept of Negative Keywords is already well spoken of. It is nothing new to advertisers. The purpose of Negative Keywords is to clear out irrelevant search queries and focus on the ones that benefit your business.

Negative Keywords for PPC

Negative Keywords avert your ad from showing up on Amazon SERP (Search Engine Results Page) if customers’ search term includes those. In simpler words, through negative keywords, you tell Amazon when not to show your ad. This way it helps you make your product more approachable for the interested customers and to restrain it from those who are looking for something similar but not that every product. This not only limits your audience in a good way but makes the entire marketing process effective by helping your Amazon PPC.

If customers click on your product for a somewhat relevant search, Amazon will still charge you. But when negative keywords are present, your ad does not show up, saving you tons of advertising money.

Negative Keywords help you narrow your target audience based on their search queries. They help you attain desirable growth and development. Advertisers also get to improve their Advertising Cost of Sales through negative keywords.


Two types of campaigns for Sponsored Product Ads:

1. Manual Campaign

In a manual Sponsored Product Ads campaign, advertisers have to set keywords by themselves. Keywords are some commonly used and popular words that are usually searched by the customer, they are sometimes the descriptive qualities of the product.

2. Automatic Campaign

In an automatic campaign, advertisers only select the budget. Selecting keywords and further process is done by Amazon according to product information. Keywords selected by amazon are according to the physical details regarding the product, these are the most common and applicable words that might be used by the customers interested in buying that specific product.

Identifying Negative Keywords from Search Terms Report

Search Terms or Search Queries are the words or phrases that consumer enters into Amazon to find any item, these include the name and even the visible characteristics of a specific product not only that it may sometimes include the uses of that item when the user is unaware of its name. Search Query report can help you a great deal in improving the targeting of your campaign. Visit Olifant Digital to get help with your marketing campaigns for Amazon in an effective way.

If you have run a campaign for a while, you can get valuable insights from search terms reports. The report indicates which terms are not generating results. It’s better to add such terms as negative keywords.

Three metrics identifying as guidelines for identifying to use as negative keyword:

  • Non-Converting keywords with a low click-through rate (CTR)
  • Non-Converting keywords with a high ad spend
  • Non-Converting keywords with more clicks

Dangers of NOT Using Negative Keywords

If you do not use negative keywords, you might have to face the following consequences:

  • The needless expense of money
  • Waste spend opportunity cost
  • Decreased ranking of products
  • Keyword cannibalization

How Negative Keywords Help

The importance of Negative Keywords is not unknown. They help a great deal in an advertising campaign.

With Negative Keywords, you can:

  • Improve your product target to the most relevant searches
  • Improve your click-through and conversion rate
  • Reduce your advertising cost
  • Improve your ACoS (Advertising Cost of sales) through improved conversion rate

Negative Keywords Match Type

Negative Keywords Improve campaign performance by targeting the right audience. To control how your ad gets displayed, you need to associate the right Match Type to the Negative Keywords, you have to use the appropriate ones so that you gain maximum benefit from those negative keywords.  There are two negative keyword match types available with Amazon Ads:

1. Phrase Match

In this match type, your ad is not shown for search terms that are in the same order as the negative keyword. For example: if your negative keyword is ‘pink shirt’, it will exclude searches for girl pink shirt or big pink shirt. However, it may show your ad for ‘pink girl shirt’.

2. Exact Match

In Exact Match Type, the match type is the same as the search query. For instance, if the negative keyword is ‘pink shirt’, no ad will come up for this term. But, for terms like ‘pink shirt for girls’, ‘pink color shirt for adults’, or ‘big girls pink shirt’, the ad will show up.

How to Add Negative Keywords in Amazon Ads

Negative keywords provide you with ways to narrow your campaign. They enable you to filter your target audience so that your product reaches maximum customers and only those who are fully determined to purchase your product and maximize keyword relevance.

We understand that finding and adding suitable negative keywords are quite overwhelming. Here you can find a complete, step-by-step guide for adding negative keywords in Amazon ads:

Step 1: Log in to your seller central account.

Step 2: Go to Advertising.

Step 3: scroll down the page, you will find all of your campaigns. Select any of your running campaigns. Then, click on Negative Keywords.

Negative Keywords do different things at different levels.

  • Campaign level: When you add a negative keyword at the campaign level, it is automatically added to all ad groups in that campaign.
  • Ad group level: If you add a negative keyword to an ad group level, it only applies the negative matching of that ad group of the campaign.

Step 4: Click on Add Negative Keyword button.

Step 5: Choose your desired Match Type. Add negative keywords and save them.


Negative keywords optimize your Amazon PPC greatly. They drive quality, profit-generating traffic, and increase your ROI. You can easily remove non-converting search queries that result in a poor conversion rate, and they also make sure that you are not paying Amazon for the irrelevant searches regarding your product.  Moreover, less relevant terms or keywords can also be removed, increasing keyword relevance.

All in all, Negative Keywords benefit your Amazon PPC a great deal, which you should opt for while displaying an ad for your item.