Twelve Best Ideal Date Ideas That You Can Try Now



We all know that planning the first date is the hardest. We have questions like, should I opt for something as simple as a coffee or a drink or plan something memorable and out of the box? 

We all want to make sure the first date goes perfectly, and the other person gives you the chance to plan a second date. 

Coming up with ideas can be difficult. Here in this post, we have compiled all the best ideal date ideas that will make your first day memorable. 

Tips to make your first date an ideal date 

Making your first date an ideal one is important. Since we will always remember everything about our first day, you need to make it memorable for you and your partner. Here in this section, we have mentioned some of the tips for an ideal date

  • Choose the right location for your ideal date. 
  • Avoid social anxiety and prepare for an engaging conversation.
  • Beware of your body language while you are out on a date. 
  • Know that to be a perfect couple. You need not be perfectly compatible. 
  • Make your own rules. 
  • Plan an ideal date by ordering some good food. 

12 Best First Ideal Date Ideas 

  • Taking a Walk Makes Up an Ideal Date 

Sometimes the most straightforward date idea is the best one. One of the ideal date ideas is to take a walk after dinner and coffee. Most men and women recommend it. 

  • Visit a Museum 

Visiting a museum on your first day can be another ideal date. Since museums are accessible, affordable, and accept donations. This gives the couples a chance to have good conversations and understand each other’s perspectives on life and art.

A date at a museum is the best way to kill your awkward silence because there are many things to talk about when visiting a museum. Additionally, many museums have small cafes inside. So if you both vibe, then you can extend your date.

  • Try Trivia Night and Make It an Ideal Date  

This is far better than the usual conversations over cocktails. Many bars and pubs have trivia nights where you can show your love for pop culture and get playful and enjoy the night with your date.

  • Escape An Escape Room 

Adventure games like escape rooms bring two people together to use clues and solve different puzzles. It is a fantastic first date activity. Date in an escape room also helps to understand if they make up a good team.

  • Hiking is a Fun Ideal Date Idea

If you both are outdoors and super active, then hiking is an ideal date option. All you need is some water, snacks, comfy clothes, and you are ready to hit the roads. When you go hiking, you have peace and plenty of time to have some fun conversation and exhibit your fitness skills.

  • Go Skating 

Many dating and matchmaking experts state that roller skating and ice skating is the best go-to spot for dating. It offers a time-honored bonding experience, and not only that, but it is also so much fun! 

  • Sing Karaoke 

Honesty and opening up is something that attracts people. Karaoke is one way of showing your vulnerability, confidence, and effort that you are trying to know the other person. Some many bars and pubs organize karaoke nights.

So what are you waiting for? Have a date? Go and have fun by singing karaoke. 

  • Go, Bowling 

Bowling can be an ideal date idea. Since it is goofy, it can be the perfect way to break the ice and get comfortable with each other. Apart from that, the ambiance: shoes, music, and bowling techniques make it a fantastic spot to hang out.

  • See a Comedy Show

A great way to ignore a boring dinner with a drink is to attend a comedy show. If you both love comedy and humor, then attending a comedy show after getting a drink can be a fantastic date.  

  • Listen to Jazz

If your city has great jazz clubs, you can take your date to a bar and enjoy some jazz music with one drink or two. Attending Jazz clubs are more romantic than the normal bars, and you will have more topics to chat about.

  • Take a Cooking Class 

Taking up a cooking class can be an amazing date idea. It is a safe place, and you can talk about a lot of topics. Since the date is for a short time, you can plan and extend your date or fix a second date for yourself.

  • See a Drive-in Movie 

Watching a movie is not an ideal first date because it is difficult to talk while watching the film in a crowded theater. Do not worry. Many drive-in theaters are more private so that you can talk, chat and talk about your favorite scenes.


Your first date is supposed to be memorable and interesting because it is a milestone and will be in our minds forever. Here we mentioned twelve ideal date ideas that you can use. This is not it. There are many other ways to make your date memorable, like- wine tasting sessions, date at the beach, and watching sunrise or sunset together.

Are you going on your date? How are you planning to spend it? Let us know in the comment section.