How To Use the Gears on a Bicycle


Cycling is one of the most recommended aerobic exercises for those who want to lose weight, increase stamina, or simply maintain good health.

Who wasn’t excited to ride their first bike as a child? Not only is cycling fun and healthy, but it’s also cheap and convenient. No wonder we can hear about so many cities nowadays investing in bike infrastructure and actively promoting the bike for transportation instead of a car!

If you’re all convinced about bikes but you lack knowledge about their parts, especially the gears, then this guide is for you. We will tell you all you need to know about how to use the gears on a bicycle.

Let’s go!


What Are Bicycle Gears?

Using bicycle gears helps you ride more efficiently. They work by giving you more or less power, depending on which gear you are in. The higher the gear, the more power you have.

The gears also help you to ride up hills and make it easier to pedal. To shift up, you need to pedal faster. To shift down, you need to pedal slower.

Types of Bicycle Gears 

There are typically two types of gears on a bicycle: derailleur gears and hub gears. Both types use cogs, or teeth, to interact with one another and create the pedaling action.

To use the gears on a bicycle, first, you must identify which type of gears your bike has. If your bike has derailleur gears, there will be two shifters near the handlebars.

If your bike has hub gears, there is only one shifter, and it is typically located by the right pedal. This shifter controls the cogs within the hub, and you shift gears by pedaling backward.

How to Use the Gears on a Bicycle   

The first thing you need to know is that you have to find out how many gears your bike has. Most mountain bikes have 27 gears, while road bikes usually have 18.

There are typically two ways to use gears on a bicycle: for speed or for power.

When using gears for speed, it is important to remember to shift gears before you start pedaling. For power, it is important to shift gears after you start pedaling.

For both speed and power, you will want to downshift gears when going up a hill and upshift gears when going down a hill.

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Getting the Most of Out of Your Gears

The gears on a bike are there to help you pedal more efficiently, whether you’re going up or down a hill or trying to maintain a high speed.

If you’re interested in how to use the gears on a bicycle effectively, just keep to the tips we have above. They are basic and it’s all you need to get started with mastering your gears and bike.

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